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Nanovations glass coating technology is based on colloidal sol gel materials, were special formulated solutions self-assemble into a monolayer surface The completely invisible treatment cannot be removed by water, cleaning agent or with high pressure equipment. For product testing , small sample kits are available.

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Instructions how to apply and use CleanglaS Glass Coating correctly. The right precleaning for a nano-glass seal In order to achieve a 100% effect of the nanocrystal sealing, the correct pre-treatment or pretreatment of the surface to be sealed is decisive. Often, however, you still notice small, slight spots. This is an

Nano Coatings: Are They Worth it? - Dr. Beasley's

18 Jul 2014 Some even looked for a product that would uphold a new car shine without waxing, which builds up on your paint and makes it cloudy, or buffing, which, over time, threatens the clear coat. So how far have we come in the world of “coatings” ? What are Nano Coatings? Essentially, nano technology in the

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Nanotechnology is a new high-end technology, based on natural processes. The minute size of the nanoparticles or nanostructure is one of the primary reasons for their unique characteristics. The application of nanoparticles increases the overall surface area. Consequently, nanostructures have extremely large surfaces,

Waterproof your mobile: we test new nano-coatings - Yachting World

4 May 2015 New waterproof coatings based on nanotechnology are claimed to be able to waterproof your mobile and protect it from water damage. Do they work? “It etches a surface of the phone at such a small scale you don't see it,” says Justin Seimits, one of the two co-founders of US company Impervious.

Spray-on liquid glass is about to revolutionize almost everything

2 Feb 2010 The liquid glass spray (technically termed “SiO2 ultra-thin layering”) consists of almost pure silicon dioxide (silica, the normal compound in glass) extracted from quartz sand. Water or ethanol is added, depending on the type of surface to be coated. There are no additives, and the nano-scale glass coating

Nanotechnology solutions for self-cleaning, dirt and water-repellent

11 Jan 2011 Self-cleaning, water and dirt-repellent coatings have differing properties, functional principles and manufacturing processes. Self-cleaning If self- cleaning surfaces are treated with detergents containing tensides, the "Lotus- Effect ?"therefore breaks down and water will make the surface wet. The surface is

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31 Jul 2014 discloses a method of preparation of super hydrophobic coating, which comprises hydrophobic nano-particles of silsesquioxanes containing adhesion promoter group and a low surface energy group. The coating is applied on already painted/ wax applied metal/wood/glass/ceramic surface. In the method

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Find and compare all the manufacturers in the Surface Treatment,Paint striping machines category and contact them directly. The CHC 20 (Clean & Hard-coat System) is a compact ultrasonic cleaning machine developed by Optimal Technologies Ltd. It is consisting of three coating tanks. This machine is categorized with

Nano-Clear | Clear Coat Surface Protection for Vehicles, Machinery

Nano-Clear is a clear coat surface protector that won't break down or wash away like traditional polishes. It is proven to revive and protect fibreglass, paint, plastics , vinyl, gel coat, powder coat, and colour steel.

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Our treatments do just that, bonding to a surface in seconds as they self- assemble into clear, very thin nanofilms. The result: new functionalities. Clarity Defender PLUS. A long-lasting windshield treatment for transportation glass that adds an invisible layer that then provides water and soil repellency to windshield and side

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A transparent coating that isn't just impermeable to water but actually makes it bounce off a surface has a number of potentially interesting applications. exhibited the "SMI500 Microscope System for Nanofabrication", a new focused ion beam device from SII Nanotechnology, at the 2009 Micromachine/MEMS Exhibition.

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Enter your model number to make sure this fits. SUPER HYDROPHOBIC | This nano protective layer give your glass or windshield extremely water-repellent properties. TOTALLY INVISIBLE | Does not change color of surface and is completely transparent invisible protection; RAIN REPELLENT | With this glass treatment at

15 Awesome Surface Treatment Technologies in Daily Life

11 Feb 2015 Treatments to protect wood, metal, glass or leather surfaces are nothing new. There have Nano-coating technologies work by adding an ultra-thin layer of polymers to a surface, rendering it superhydrophobic (extremely resistant to water and other liquids, preventing them from sticking or wetting it). In this

Innovations in nanotechnology for water treatment - NCBI - NIH

6 Jan 2015 Here, an overview of recent advances in nanotechnologies for water and wastewater treatment processes is provided, including nanobased materials, .. Nanocomposite membranes can be considered as a new group of filtration materials comprising mixed matrix membranes and surface-functionalized

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26 Apr 2012 The new “multifunctional” glass, based on surface nanotextures that produce an array of conical features, is self-cleaning and resists fogging and glare, While some earlier work has treated solar panels with hydrophobic coatings, the new multifunctional surfaces created by the MIT team are even more

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Contact Us. Questions? Gentoo has robust adhesion to painted, plated, and bare metallic substrates, as well as glass and surface primed plastics. The coating has demonstrated excellent resistance to salt spray, UV exposure,and chemical exposure – significant improvements over traditional hydrophobic coatings.

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