Sputter systems, sputtering targets and vacuum process equipment

From FHR you can buy vacuum coating equipment and sputtering targets. FHR Anlagenbau is a manufacturer and supplier of magnetron sputtering systems as well as thin film equipment with integrated PVD, PECVD and ALD technologies. FHR delivers also vacuum process equipment for etching (ISE, PE, RIE), annealing

Technology Competence - VON ARDENNE GmbH

Applications, Substrates & Functional Layers. VON ARDENNE coating systems and components are applied in different industries for various applications. The substrates that are coated with our equipment are just as diverse as the applications. This diversity is characterized by. Material (glass, metal, silicon, polymer films,

Society of Vacuum Coaters - Exhibitor Locator

11 May 2009 AccuVac Technology offers quick shipment of orders, competitive prices and significant OEM discounts. ADVANCED CHEMICAL CO Atlas Technologies is a leader in aluminum vacuum chamber fabrication, Chambers for large area thin film solar-photovoltaic web coating and glass plate coating. We offer

Thin-film solar cell - Wikipedia

A thin-film solar cell is a second generation solar cell that is made by depositing one or more thin layers, or thin film (TF) of photovoltaic material on a substrate, such as glass, plastic or metal. Thin-film solar cells are commercially used in several technologies, including cadmium telluride (CdTe), copper indium gallium

Mirrors and Solar Selective Coatings - NREL

10 Oct 2007 Collectors: Mirrors and Solar Selective. Coatings. C.E. Kennedy. 1National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), 1617 Cole Boulevard, M/S 3321, Golden, . Back Layer (Cu). Thick glass is slumped. Three-coat paint system designed for outdoor applications. Flabeg mirrors still use Cu back protection.

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