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Wenzhou Cicel Vacuum Machine Co., Ltd. Vacuum Metalizing Titanium Target, Titanium, Titanium Alloy manufacturer / supplier in China, offering PVD Chromium Sputtering Target/Chrome Target/Cr Sputtering Target, High Quality Cell Phone Cover PVD Sputtering Coating System, Stainless Steel Big Size PVD Vacuum

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USA sputtering targets. High Purity PVD Materials, Sputtering Targets, Backing Plates and Bonding Services, Conductive Products threading, beveling, grooves and backing designed to work with both older sputtering devices and the latest processing equipment, such as large area coating and flip-chip applications.

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EVOCHEM provides a comprehensive portfolio of sputtertargets, evaporation materials and PVD-consumables. Short lead times. No minimum order quantity.

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The ProTech team's experience in target manufacturing, physical vapor deposition (PVD) and PVD equipment manufacturing is positioned to offer customers integrated thin-film solutions. Examples of our standard products for wear resistant applications include: Aluminum Chromium (Al/Cr), Chromium (Cr), Chromium

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This study provides an overview of a range of physical vapor deposition (PVD) and some chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coating technologies. . www. leyboldoptics/optics/3d-plastics/machines/alumet-v/alumet-v.html. PVD by Sputtering. In sputtering, atoms are removed from the solid “target” by bombardment

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These 0.1-0.5mm thick targets are mostly made of Titanium Ti, Chromium Cr, Tantalum Ta, Gold Au, Silver Ag, Platinum Pt, Palladium Pd and their alloys. glass for energy conservation, decorative with familiar gold-coloured hard coating created by Titanium Nitride and hardwearing coatings for tools and consumer goods,

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Chromium Cr Target For PVD Vacuum Coating Machine. Cr Chrome target is widely used in Multi-arc ion or Magnetron Sputtering PVD vacuum coating industry for decorative PVD coating or functional coating, we can provide you different purity according to your different requirements. Shape: Planar/plate/ cylindrical target.

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High Performance Large Geometry and Rotary sputtering targets deliver accuracy for large coverage thin film deposition and glass coatings. Large geometry targets in sectional or monolithic design, up to 4 meters in length; Variety of target materials: Ag, precious metal alloys, Cr, Cu, Ti, stainless steel, Zn , Sn; Planar or

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Thermochemical treatment in molten salt: liquid nitriding. ? Licensing. ? Engineering support. ? Equipment. ? Consumables. THIN FILM PVD COATINGS. FRICTION COMPONENTS. ? PVD & PECVD wear – resistant, hard coatings. ? PVD coatings for electro-magnetic shielding, IR filtering, etc. ? Bushings & sleeve bearings.

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PVD coatings: color control. A. I've some PVD plated steel samples that are in blue, black, grey and bronze colours, but I'm not sure the composition of the layer. Some French and I have read on the web that coated layer color depends on some factors such as target material, substrate material, layer thickness and .

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PVD vacuum cathodic arc deposition decorative coatings. Cathodic arc deposition is one of high temperature(The working temperature is generally up to 650centigrades) process in PVD(physical vapor deposition)area. This technique is used for metal, ceramic, glass substrates. There are two kinds of arc deposition . One of

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If i have to procure metal PVD equipment to be used for contact formations for MOS devices, out of thermal, e-beam, sputter etc., one to be procured? .. “IN order to deposit thin chromium coating by thermal evaporation in order to make well adherent Au-Cr bilayer coatings, I purchase from Chrome coated tungsten rods,

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ejected from the target and impacting the substrate can reach hundreds of eV. ( up to 1,000 eV) Cr, and their alloys) but also carbon for hard DLC coatings. . Table 2.1 General characteristics of main coating methods [2]. Characteristics. Electro/electroless plating. CVD. PVD. Thermal spray. Equipment cost. Low.

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