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BlueWave Semiconductors is one of the best leaders in Thermal Evaporator system for the academic R&D and thin film technology industry. system ( Available in benchtop and standalone machine); 2: Ability to hold any shape and size substrate using simple clamp technique; 3: Capable of multiple evaporation sources

Turbo-Pumped Sputter and Carbon Coater

turbomolecular-pumped coating system for upport films and replicas in TEM and conducting coatings in SEM. FE-SEM and also for many thin film applications; High vacuum carbon coating – ideal for SEM and TEM carbon coating; Controlled ramped carbon rod evaporation – precise control and superior carbon films

Thin Film Deposition Products & Technologies - Denton Vacuum

Our thin film deposition technology delivers consistent, repeatable results through wide-process capability, ease-of-use, superior reliability, and global service and support. Choose from a range of thin film deposition solutions to accommodate any material and application, including evaporation, thermal evaporation,

TEM and SEM Sample Preparation - Scitek Technologies for Science

TEM and SEM Sample Preparation - Fully automated system Tilt/rotate option Minimize sample charge on non-conductive samples Reduce e-beam damage Increase second. The Bench Top Turbo is the ideal compact low-voltage thermal evaporator for both routine and complex carbon coating applications. The Bench

Thin Film Evaporator - GlasKeller

18 Aug 2017 For heat sensitive, high boiling products, and high molecular weight materials! This apparatus can make uniform thin-film. You can choose the standardized ( Blue Label) or custom-made (Gold Label) product depending upon your needs.

Vacuum coating and evaporation materials - Agar Scientific

High vacuum carbon coating and metal evaporation These compact bench-top coating units are built to a high specification and incorporate microprocessor technology. If both carbon and gold sputtering are required, the dual pumping system (B7736) with changeover valve can be used to pump two coating units.

K2: Turbo pumped sputter coaters and carbon evaporators

The KQ150GB is a modular glove box version of the highly successful KQ150T- ES bench top turbomolecular-pumped coating system - suitable for SEM, TEM and many thin-film applications. The KQ150GB comes as standard with sputtering and carbon rod evaporation inserts and a rotating specimen stage. Options include.

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