Zoller+Fr?hlich - Wire Processing Machines

Through these automated machines, in conjunction with ferrules and pin contacts , every crimp guarantees a perfect connection with a high mechanical load. The broad range of Z+F machines allows the processing of loose insulated and uninsulated ferrules as well as turned pin contacts. In addition, twin ferrules and

Machines For Electric Insulation Paper Manufacturer from Pune

Insulation Paper is normally available in roll forms. The standard roll width is 1000mm. The input condition to various insulation paper working machines like Insulation Cuffing Machine with / without Cutting, Insulation Folding and Cutting Machine, etc as well as automatic machines like Coil Insertion Machines is a roll of

ICM-2 - Insulation Creasing and Cutting Machine - Whitelegg

ICM-2 - Insulation Creasing and Cutting Machine. The insulation strip is centralised automatically by the right and left hand threaded screw with handwheel adjustment: distance between creases is shown on a scale on top of the machine. There is an optional extra Side Table for creasing the insulation ends to make cuffs.

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