HHV Large Area Coaters

HHV commissioned a large telescopic mirror coater in the world's highest for itsperformance and consistency of the equipment with large area and heavysubstrates. The large area substrate coater with a magnetron sputtering with a and developed an In-line Horizontal Magnetron sputtering system forcommercial

Practical magnetron sputtering system for the - OSA Publishing

Feb 21, 1991 on this equipment are given. coatings, evaporation and magnetron sputteringare the most . drum with a vertical shaft that passes through a concavediffraction grating with 440 lines/mm and .. dielectric mirrors," Sov.

Patent US4851095 - Magnetron sputtering apparatus and process

Jul 25, 1989 The sputter coating system of claim 1, wherein the magnetron sputter device . Aprocess for forming on concave substrates single layer films and be realized,and production equipment is less costly, safer, and easier to control. . of in-linemagnetron-enhanced vacuum sputtering systems which employ

Batch Coater Sputter Systems - AJA International

For extended process times, horizontal magnetron sputtering is most Small in-line coater designed to utilize AJA STXL rectangular magnetrons to Capable ofcoating concave, 25 mm thick, X-ray mirror substrates up to 300 between amaintenance intensive machine and the high throughput machine everyonedesires.

draft design requirements document for primary mirror coating plant

Sep 18, 2009 DRD FOR PRIMARY MIRROR COATING PLANT Not included are allhandling equipment required to safely transport, process, store and transfer .The optical surface of each segment is nearly spherical and concave . appliedat both Gemini Observatories using DC magnetron sputtering deposition.

Next Generation X-ray Optics: High-resolution, Light-weight - NASA

technique makes lightweight and low-cost mirrors. . Magnetron Sputter done with a vertical x-ray beam- line. 3. Technology Development Process an iridium layer (possibly with an overcoating) for a soft x-ray telescope, machines, or ZEEKO's specially designed and standardized polishing machines).

Multi-channel neutron guides of PNPI: results of neutron and X-ray

Supermirror multichannel bent neutron guides are systems of mirror Theglancing angles for neutrons reflected from the concave and convex sides of the.. The deposition of the supermirror coatings is made by magnetron sputteringin a . 12b by a horizontal line is 〈Texp〉=0.24, which coincides with thecalculated

Development of High-Reflective W/Si-multilayer Diffraction - J-Stage

new diffraction grating with multilayer coating was installed at the BL-10beamline of the NewSUBARU synchrotron vertical direction by M1 concavemirror and.

Embroidered Electrode with Silver/Titanium Coating for Long - MDPI

Jan 15, 2015 Line Spacing; . Specifically, the yarn was sputtered with a metallic silver coatingof at 2 Pa argon atmosphere using a 2′′ magnetron sputtering system (a)Moist textile electrodes placed horizontally within the belt (red #1 titanium layerusing the same sputtering equipment with a Ti target.

Ellipsoidal mirror for two-dimensional 100-nm focusing in hard X-ray

19 hours ago However, single-reflecting two-dimensional focusing mirrors with an with twoconcave mirrors in an orthogonally crossed geometry is still . In addition, the 50-nm line and space structures were resolved in . Finally, the mirror surface wasuniformly coated with platinum by a DC magnetron sputtering

Sam's Laser FAQ - Home-Built Pulsed Argon and/or Krypton (Ar/Kr

The only on-line resources for totally home-built Ar/Kr ion lasers I know of is at: Note: You would need to make sure f for any concave mirror is large enough .Brewster windows due to sputtering (particularly at the negative electrode). . Ihad an AR coating added to one mirror, which does significantly improve output.

Characterization of Surface Modifications by White Light - JoVE

Feb 27, 2013 Aspects of traditional ion sputtering-based mass spectrometry such as thin filmdeposition by pulsed laser/magnetron sputtering deposition, and adhesivewear behavior of arc-evaporated Al1-xCrxN hard coatings. . Harasaki, A., Wyant, J. C. Fringe modulation skewing effect in white-light vertical

Microfabrication of hard x-ray lenses - DTU Orbit

when concave surfaces need to be characterized, e.g. due to the finite lengths showed focusing of a 56 keV x-ray beam into a 310 μm wide line and a waist of980 nm .. and vertical imaging is performed on independent mirrors for the sakeof deposition onto flat substrates, e.g. by magnetron sputtering or pulsed laser

Performance enhancement of solar collectors— A review | Ananya

It was suggested that vertical cylindrical tank example, the methods like use ofarti?cial of horizontal cylindrical tank should be used for freeze coating, andnano?uids for .. 10, are generally ?at mirrors used to concentrate the solarradiation on .. (2000) Aluminum a-C:H/Ti 0.876 0.06 PVD/PECVD Selectivity ashigh as

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From Flat Substrate to Elliptical KB Mirror by Profile Coating each other tosuccessively focus x-rays in the vertical and horizontal directions. sphericalsubstrates are available, but they are still very expensive. The elliptical KBmirrors were made by dc magnetron sputtering using a profile-coating technique [8, 9]. The.

ISRO's technical prowess through the prism of - Current Science

Jan 25, 2017 mechanisms, communication equipment and systems, de- tectors, mechanical propulsion, robotics, materials and coatings, sensors, aeronautics Next in lineare applications . 1–25 pms (pulsed magnetron sputtering) can be obtained ..two mirrors and a convex lens are disposed under the ta- ble.

Sam's Laser FAQ - HeNe Laser Testing, Adjustment, Repair - K3PGP

Note: if you have a high power (long) tube, mirror alignment may not be for thefilament of the magnetron to heat), the inside of the HeNe tube should glow There will be little or no emission at the wavelength of helium's spectral lines. metal sputtering from the negative electrode coating the mirror at that end of thetube.

Process for depositing optical thin films on both planar and non

Aug 25, 1998 separately-controlled linear magnetron sputter deposition and reaction indicesand controlled coating thickness. including both . and non-planar. concave andconvex substrates with a con mirrors and the M-16 cold mirrors depicted inFIGS. . perspective View and a simpli?ed schematic horizontal.

EUCLIDES: First Phase Completed!

coatings is done at PTB-BESSY (a German synchro- achieved by using sixmirrors instead of four mirrors. . mirrors. The intensity in the 13 nm line is ap- sions of dedicated tooling and metrology equipment. . sputtering, magnetronsputtering[16] and pulsed laser of in-band power output into a horizontal fan of± 33.

Bottom-Up Assembly and Applications of - Semantic Scholar

May 12, 2016 Takes time for preparation of equipment and spreading of particles. unlike dropcasting where the substrate lays horizontal, the Dip coating involves thecontrolled withdrawal of a substrate from a . metal evaporation [68,69], andmagnetron sputtering [48,70,71]. .. lines) colloidal crystals [149].

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