Programmable Desktop Lab Wafer Spin Coater with Vacuum Chuck

VTC-200P is Anti-Corrosion Spin Coater made of Polypropylene (PP) material, which can be used for strong acidic or alkali solution, especially suitable for use inside glovebox under Ar gas. Four vacuum chucks are included for coating wafer from 10 mm to 6". Digital control box is separated from spin coater which allow

Programmable Spin Coater ( 9 segements, 4“ wafer Max.) with

VTC-100B is CE certified tabletop spin coating device dedicated to spin coat small substrates up to 100 mm diameter. Three sets of nylon anti-corrosive vacuum chucks for holding substrate up to 100mm diameter. Heating cover with digital temperature controller up to 120C ((<15 minutes)) is available upon request.

Thermal design methodology of hot and chill plates for

Hot-plate prebaking of conventional positive photoresist is intended to drive off solvent used for spin coating . and the temperature at the control position, T, which can be any user-selected location within the chuck. The experimental observations for a laboratory-grade, aluminum-alloy vacuum chuck are show by the.

Wafer Chucks Information | Engineering360 - GlobalSpec

Common wafer clamping technologies include vacuum, electrostatic, mechanical , and magnetic. Regardless Thermal uniformity – The uniformity of temperature control across the wafer surface, which is usually specified in degrees C or F. A thermal chuck with high thermal uniformity would have no hot spots or cold spots.

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