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Our flexible tooling and manufacturing techniques allow us to offer modifications to any of our standard evaporation sources or create custom sources to fit your specific coating requirements. Large production or small custom orders are produced with equal ease while attention to detail and customer specifications are

Auto500 - HHV Ltd

Auto500 is a versatile front-loading coating system with box chamber for research & development or pre-production applications. The chamber accommodates large diameter substrates and allows a range of resistance evaporation, electron beam and sputter processes to be performed without breaking vacuum.

EBE - Laseroptik

Electron Beam Evaporation (EBE) is the conventional coating technique. Due to its high evaporation rate the coating time is relatively short. In addition to the large capacity it has a good cost-performance ratio. Coatings are done in a heated ( > 250 °C) high vacuum chamber using electron beam guns. Each gun emits a

Suspension roll to roll vacuum coating machine - Dongguan

Suspension roll to roll vacuum coating machine equips with square or circular vacuum chamber, used in food packaging film, medical packaging films, 2, highly reliable evaporation system designed to minimize the failure rate; 1, use frequency control, large pump suction system, pumping faster, more energy- efficient;

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3000 Watt output. Designed for industrial / production applications. □ Compact size - mounts underneath chamber. □ High frequency switching power supply MDC's high powered Re-Vap? resistive evaporation system is a highly industrial , robustly designed, economical method of depositing thin film coatings.

Thin Film Deposition | Glovebox Integrated and Stand Alone | MB

MBRAUN MB ProVap series offers coating of rigid substrates under vacuum conditions. The large size chamber offers additional space for more sources and optional accessories such as substrate heating, substrate cooling and advanced mask holder solutions. The rectangular chamber design also offers additional

Thin Film Deposition & Vacuum Technology

evaporation deposition is the most basic method used to produce thin films. growing alloy films and processes suitable for large scale production in order to .. Length. 72 in. Power density. 4.3 W atts/in2. Note: has a high chemical resistance. Table 3.1: Silicon Heat Tape Specifications. Placing the heat tape flat against

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AIXTRON's mass production systems are based on the planetary concept ( Planetary Reactor? ), which was developed by Philips and is under exclusive license to AIXTRON. They are able to incorporate substrates from 2” to 8” in size and consist of quartz and easily replaceable graphite components , with a water- cooled

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More than ever, today' s producers of consumer goods use coatings to add value to their products. PVD processes enable almost unlimited production of coatings on any type of surface. As far as coatings with the “metallic effect” are concerned, having a high abrasion and chemical resistance, mainly chrome and stainless

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key areas such as sputtering, PECVD, plasma-assisted evaporation, machine automation and related software STARpro for smallest optical filter production sizes special configurations for infrared (IR) and ultraviolet. (UV) wavelength regimes. ARES series. High productivity, lowest cost of ownership, production- proven.

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Today, a top quality optical coating machine blends an eclectic collection of smart subsystems into a TThe production of thin film dielectric coatings .. electron beam gun must be used. A large variety of sizes and types is available; multi- pocket guns allow several materials to be evaporated from one source and work well

Vacuum and Coating Systems - Staton sro

1919 restoration and enlargement of company, focus on production of tools and machines for wood processing 2005 design and construction of proprietary PVD coating system based on arc technology. ? first CNC . Arc evaporation – a high-power electric arc discharged at the target (source) surface evapora- tes highly

A high-yield vacuum-evaporation-based R2R-compatible fabrication

Advances are described in a vacuum-evaporation-based approach for the roll-to- roll (R2R) production of organic thin film transistors (TFTs) and circuits. . can deliver reproducible and stable transistors at high yield, it has the potential for providing an attractive route to large-area organic electronic circuit production.

History of Large Area Coatings - The Society of Vacuum Coaters

float process makes glass available in large sizes, which are cut from the flat glass simple batch resistance evaporation method [4] to deposit gold (which was only Today, large area coating is a worldwide commercial process. As of 2006, there are over two hundred large area sputter production coaters in place in 22.

PVD coating of steel strips - Phase-Trans

PVD, vacuum coating, evaporation, plasma activated high rate electron beam evaporation, corro- permit the coating of large areas at high speed. Comparatively low finishing costs can be achieved when the coating plant runs continuously with high productivity and the deposited are currently available with outputs up to.

Coating Systems - Ezzi Vision

Auto500 is a versatile front-loading coating system with box chamber for research & development or pre-production applications. The chamber accommodates large diameter substrates and allows a range of resistance evaporation, electron beam and sputter processes to be performed without breaking vacuum.

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The Bühler Leybold Optics AluMet 1800V is a highly economic, high-throughput, batch-type thermal evaporation machine for thin-film vacuum-coating of ARES series machines are available in various chamber sizes, from ARES 700, ARES 1100 and ARES 1350 to the high volume production systems ARES 1500 and

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High bonding strength is achieved on any substrate with the BOBST AluBond? unique metallizing process; metal adhesion values can be achieved of up to 5N/ 15mm. Sputtering Machines/Special Coaters BOBST Opticoat - The OPTICOAT is a wide width sputter coating machine for production scale output of a variety of

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Description: UNIVEX 600 The UNIVEX 600 is a compact coating system for the laboratory, respectively pilot production runs. Because of its chamber size it is suited for medium to large substrate sizes. The attainable substrate throughput meets the general requirements for small. Applications & Materials Processed:

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bination with larger machines, this highly productive system helps smoothen production flows and is always ready to bridge capacity shortages. INGENIA is the right choice for all the requirements it takes to optimise your services. INNOVA is the preferred coating system size for most production requirements and perfectly

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