Vacuum coaters for carbon & gold sputter coating in TEM and SEM

Items 1 - 12 of 25 Agar vacuum coater units offers a wide choice of options to suit all carbon & gold sputter coating requirements for SEM & TEM.

Sputter Coater Principles Technical Data Sheet

The most common arrangement for a D.C. (Direct Current) sputter coater is to make the negative cathode the target material to be sputtered (typically gold, platinium or with high vacuum sputter coaters, metals such as chromium and iridium), and to locate the specimens to be coated on the anode (which is usually "earthed"

Sputter and Carbon Coaters | Quorum Technologies

Quorum sputter coaters, gold coaters and carbon evaporators are used for scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) sample preparation and for thin film coating.

Sputter Coaters, Carbon Coaters, Vacuum Evaporator - Ted Pella, Inc.

Ted Pella, Inc. is the exclusive distributor for the complete line of high quality compact desktop vacuum coating systems manufactured by Cressington Scientific Instruments. The Cressington products range comprises 108 series sputter coaters for standard SEM sample coating, the 108 series carbon coaters for standard

Sputter deposition - Wikipedia

Sputter coating in scanning electron microscopy is a sputter deposition process to cover a specimen with a thin layer of conducting material, typically a metal, such as a gold/palladium (Au/Pd) alloy. A conductive coating is needed to prevent charging of a specimen with an electron beam in

SPI-Module Sputter Coater and Vacuum Base with Etch Mode and

SPI-Module? Sputter Coater and Vacuum Base with Etch Mode and Quartz Crystal Thickness Monitor, 110v 50/60 Hz CE Certified:Sputter Coater SystemIncludes: Vacuum Sputter/Carbon Coating the SPI-Module Way! Fast coating (up to 200A gold in 20 seconds) - virtually no heat damage to sensitive samples.

Leica EM ACE600 | High Vacuum Sputter Coater - Product: Leica

The Leica sputter coater EM ACE600 is a versatile high vacuum coating instrument, designed to produce very thin, fine grained metal and carbon layers.

JEOL USA Smart Coater - JEOL USA, Inc.

The JEOL Smart Coater is a fully automated sputter coater that applies a fine grained gold or platinum (option) coating on samples for imaging in a scanning electron microscope. This simple-to-use sputter coater features fully automated vacuum and sputtering. Insert your samples, turn the unit on and select the sputtering

Plasma Sputter Coating

Plasma Sputter Coating. In conventional SEM sputter coating a gold (gold- palladium, or platinum) target is bombarded with the coating unit including the specimen. A low vacuum environment is used (0.1 to 0.05 mbar), which with one of the modern low voltage sputter coaters, enables metal to be deposited at up to 1nm/s.

Sputter coating for SEM: argon or air? - ResearchGate

When I coat my specimens I use simple sputter coaters with rotary pump and gold -palladium target. When working with SEM I utilize magnifications We had a W filament, we put a very thin Cu wire (0.25 mm) coat the substrate with sample thermal evaporation under DP vacuum. Believe me though we always got graded

Selecting a Vacuum Pump for an SEM Sputter Coater - MicrotoNano

Selecting a Vacuum Pump for an SEM Sputter Coater. Introduction Standard desktop SEM sputter coaters are widely used for coating surfaces of non- conductive samples with a thin layer of precious metal. This will reduce or eliminate charging and improve imaging quality. Precious metals used are Gold, Gold/Palladium,


he Denton Vacuum Sputter Coater is an invaluable accessory for preparation of specimens for scanning The gold sputtering occurs in a vacuum (which is probably why its manufacturer chose to name the company Denton Vacuum). when the chamber is re-pressurized after coating. Thus, it is important to ensure that

Safematic CCU-010 HV high vacuum sputter coater | labtech

SEM/FIB; Sputter coating; Safematic CCU-010 HV high vacuum sputter coater Quantity. The Safematic CCU-010 HV vacuum coater is suitable for both SEM and TEM sputter coating and carbon coating applications. 300001 Sputter target gold palladium 80/20 (Au/Pd) ? 54 x 1.0 mm purity 99.99% Quote only. Quantity.

Desk V Thin Film Deposition Solution - Denton Vacuum

Desk V coating systems are available in two versions: Desk V HP and Desk V TSC. The Desk V TSC, the turbo molecular-pumped sputter coater option, is designed for high resolution microscopy samples and is suitable for oxidizing and non-oxidizing metals. The Desk V magnetron sputter unit precisely deposits a

Sputter Coater 108/108auto · Cressington Scientific Instruments

Sputter Coater 108auto/SE Sputter Coater 108 Compact, economical and simple to operate, they offer rapid pumpdown times, fine-grain coatings and negligible sample heating. Cool to be used. The safety interlocked sputtering supply is fully variable and setting the sputter current is not influenced by vacuum level.

Gold coating instructions for imaging using the SEM - Dickinson

imaging and/or X-ray analysis use the carbon coater. 3. Remove top of vacuum chamber. 4. Put stub in center of platform in vacuum chamber. 5. Replace top of vacuum chamber. 6. Close gas leak knob by turning clockwise. 7. Turn on pump using power strip on floor. 8. Turn on control box. 9. Turn on sputter (i.e., gold)

The SPI Sputter Coater Handbook

Coating of Specimens. 1. Mount the specimens onto SPI-Module Sputter Coater box is the one plugged into the SPI-MODULE Control. 4. Switch on the SPI-MODULE Quartz Crystal Thickness Monitor power switch. 5. Dial in the density of the evaporant or sputtered material. Gold – 19.4 g/cc. Carbon – 2.2 g/ cc. 6. Use the

Compact Desktop NanoStructure SEM Sputter Coater System

Desktop SEM Sputter Coater DSR1is a compact coating system able to coat noble metals such as gold (Au), palladium (Pd), platinum (Pt) and gold/palladium a rotary pump to achieve vacuum less than 50 milli-torr which is a suitable vacuum range for noble metals sputter coating and carbon fibre evaporation coating.

EMS 550 SPUTTER COATER - IMC - University of Memphis

What is Sputter Coating? EMS 550 SPUTTER COATER. In conventional SEM mode (high vacuum, high voltage), samples need to be coated with a layer of conductive material to prevent the accumulation of electric charges on their surface when hit by the electron beam used for imaging. This is because charged

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