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A coating is a covering that is applied to the surface of an object, usually referredto as the substrate. The purpose of applying the coating may be decorative,functional, or both. Many industrial coating processes involve the application ofa thin film of functional material to a substrate, such as paper, fabric, film, foil, orsheet

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MBRAUN provides glovebox integrated and stand alone thin film coating aremainly applied on surfaces for decorative, protective, or functional purposes, but

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Coating Systems for Protection, Functionality, and Decoration from AcrymaxTechnologies, as a thin layer which is converted to an adherent film afterapplication. Sometimes a coating or paint provides more than one of thesefunctions.

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Decoration Or Function - Colorful Coating. Colorful Coating ASF is short for anti-splinter film and it can prevent glass chipping splinter after break. But there are

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Optical film equipment can be prepared in a variety of optical coatings have quality optical wavelength film, including the decorative film comprises afunctional

Decoration/Addition function: Black elegant film, Corrosion

Decoration/Addition function: Black elegant film, Corrosion resistance film. DLCcoatings have some properties like hardness or wear-resistance for industrially

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surface coating: Any mixture of film-forming materials plus pigments, solvents,and and cured or dried, yields a thin film that is functional and often decorative.

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Solutions for Surface Coatings and Thin Film Deposits (Coating Industries) which, when applied to a surface and cured or dried, yields a thin film that isfunctional and often decorative. Thin Coating Thickness Evaluation (CalotestMethod).

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Inmold labels are made from the special. PolyTC? functional film and laid in onehalf of the die. The IMD foil with decorative coating is precisely positioned in the

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Self-repairing coated film is an advanced function film that can quickly repair *IML: In-Mold Label, an insert molding technology in which decorative film is

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This is the official website of Dai Nippon Toryo Co., Ltd., a general coatings inorganic oxides in form of nanoparticles exhibit optical, electric, and many otherfunctions. Applications: Different kinds of optical films and antistatic materials We possess inkjet decoration technologies, coating lamination technologies, and

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Apr 16, 2007 Wet film 5 - 60 μm. Roller Coating. ?Wet film 20-150 μm. ?Clean borders. Curtain-Coating. ? Wet film 150-350μm. ? fast decoration process.

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Implementation of sophisticated graphics and functions on IMD and IML havebecome one of the main methods for plastic decoration in the world, in place of The surface is protected by superior scratch-resistant hard coating technology. A design film softened by heating is lined up on the inside of a mold, injection

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Coating technology is technology that forms functional films on the surface of Various types of functional and decorative film and IMD foil insert molding are

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Sierra is a paper and film coater for the high-speed HP? Indigo printers. Somecoatings are just decoration while others have functions, like opacity or

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alternative technologies, are processes used to produce functional galvanic and. deposited by magnetron sputtering, as protective and decorative coatings on

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May 4, 2007 ABSTRACT. Polymeric film coatings have been applied to solid substrates fordecorative, protective, and functional purposes. Irrespec-.

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Functional and decorative self-adhesive labels are present everywhere, but relyon the unrivaled non-stick performance of silicone coatings of paper and films to

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Design, Form and Function. YOUR INNOVATION PARTNER. Since 1973Metalcolour has been highly committed to and focused on delivering high quality

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Introducing glass coatings and inks for coloring (decorative use) They can beused to form entirely inorganic films offering superior transparency and durability. Coating method, Can be coated using screen printing, spraying, dipping or

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