China Compact Vacuum Programmable Spin Coater with Oilless

Compact vacuum spin coater with oilless vacuum pump CY-EZ4 CY-EZ4 is CE certified compact spin coater with vacuum chucks designed for easy and quick coating via sol-gel for wafers up to 4" diameter.The spinning speed is variable from 100-10000rpm with two programmable segments 1.75w brushless dc motor

MB-SC-200 - MBraun

The MB-SC-210 is an easy-to-use spincoater for precise and uniform deposition of thin films and coatings. Its compact, vibration free and inertgas compatible design makes it a versatile and vital tool in every research facility. The MB-SC- 210 has been specifically designed for the research & development of new processes

MB-SC-210 - MBraun

The MB-SC-210 is an easy-to-use spincoater for precise and uniform deposition of thin films and coatings. process time; Rotational direction: CW or CCW rotation direction can be selected; Vacuum chuck: Includes 2 standard chuck inlays (PAS-L) for substrates from 10x10mm (d=10mm) up to 4"x4" (d=4"/100mm );

Spin Coater KW-4A - Chemat Technology, Inc.

The KW-4A spin coater can be used to deposit metal oxide thin films, polymer coatings and metal organic thin films. Specifications: Compactness. Depth: 10.0 inch. width: 8.5 inch. Height: 8.5 inch. 2-Stage Spinning. Stage 1: 500-2500 rpm 2 -18 seconds. Stage 2: 800-8,000 rpm 3-60 seconds. Power. 115 VAC, 60HZ, 1 amp.

Spincoating: Affordable spin coaters for spin process solutions!

POLOS Spin Coater suitable for Cleaning, Rinse/Dry, Coating, Developing & Etching. Specifically designed for MEMS & Semiconductors. Over 2000 units sold to university and R&D worldwide.

Spin Coater – Low Price, Compact Spin Coater – Ossila

Spin Coater Chuck Ossila Spin Coater Chucks hold substrates in place without vacuum, keeping them safe & secure. Custom Spin Coater Chucks can be ordered to fit substrates of any shape. of £1950. We also provide a free 1-year warranty to get you working again quickly, in the unlikely event of repairs being required.

KW-4A Spin Coater 110V - Chemat Scientific

The Rugged, Portable Vibration-free and Design is Ideal for Research applications. A Two-Stage Spin Process allows dispensing at low speeds ??and homogenizing the Coating at High Speed. Features a Teflon?-coated Stainless Steel Coating Bowl. Shown in photo with a 2 inch diameter, CG Type Aluminum Vacuum

OLED/PLED, TFT Tools and Thin Film Deposition System ? Vacuum

Research System with Spin Coater & Vacuum Deposition System. Request More Information Custom Dual Workstation Laminar Flow Inert Atmosphere System. Request More Information. Introducing a turnkey solution for vacuum deposition, spin coating and device testing in an inert atmosphere. DEPO1-6. Unique base

Vigor Tech USA - 2x Port Sci-Lab Glovebox System - John Morris

The Sci-Lab with its industry leading gas purifier capacity together with integrated energy saving features is perfect more the most demanding of inert Ultra-High Purity System; Dual-Purification Columns; Feedthroughs (Vacuum/Gas/Electrical) ; Quartz Window for Solar Simulator; Spin Coaters; Cold Well; Clean room

Advanced - Vacuum Technology Inc.

Advanced Glovebox with Dual Purifier is commonly used in full-scale production. With 2 purifiers, when one is performing regeneration, the systems switch to another automatically to achieve continuous production. From Single to Multiple workstation systems, to be operated either side by-side or face to face with integrated


WORKSTATION. ? Ready to operate workstation, incl. main antechamber and vacuum pump. ? PLC controlled with Siemens display. ? Automatic regenerable H20/02 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Oxygen removal as function of time after injection of 1 liter air into the box. (performance of newly regenerated purifier) box volume 0.78 m3.

Photo Gallery | LC Technology Solutions Inc.

Glovebox system photo gallery for LC Technology Solutions' systems.

Two, Three, Four Glove Systems - Glovebox / Solvent Purification

Items 1 - 50 of 55 This is attained by a gas purification system that is easily accessible, and has automatic valves. A large antechamber is PureLab HE double sided 4 gloves dual module Inert work station - 2500mm long x 1000mm deep. Gas purifier sold . Spin coater G3P-8 speed - 0-9, 999 rpm. Article Number: 990002.

Glovebox Manual

Gas Purifier. Workstation. MOD Box with. Touchpanel. Operating Manual. Gas Purification Systems. Gas Purifier MB20/MB200 G. Workstation LABmaster Pro sp /dp .. Solvent filter. Vacuum pump. Antechamber cover lock. See also Chap. 10 Accessories and customer-specific components. 1.1.2. Type plate. Rear side of the

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Material/substrate preparing equipment includes two hoods for chemical synthesis, Jelight UV-Ozone for substrate surface treatment, KW 4A spin-coater for film deposition, several hotplates/stirrers and several ovens for annealing. The vertical laminar flow workstation provides clean laminar flow air for process protection by

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