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This type of machine is a high efficiency and environmental friendly production machine, it has features of high deposition speed,great ionization rate, large ion The principle of vacuum arc ion coating is based on the cold cathode self sustaining arc discharge plasma evaporation, ion plating, combined the technology of

PVD Coating Treatment | ONEX Corporation

PVD Coating Treatment. PVD Coating. Physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating includes vacuum deposition, sputtering and ion plating. ONEX uses HCD ion plating machines and AIP ion plating machines for its PVD coating services. Characteristics of the HCD Method. The hollow cathode (HCD) method first melts and

Multi-arc Ion Vacuum Coating Machines - PVD vacuum metallizer

HL Series multi arc ion pvd vacuum coating machine pvd arc ion vacuum coating machine used to make chrome,gold,brown etc coatings on different hardware products, general building hardware, locks, using arc ion plating machine in the sub-products suc. HLB Series Multi arc ion vacuum coating machine horizontal type

Hollow Cathode Deposition of Thin Films - DiVA

Keywords: Hollow cathode, Hybrid plasma, PVD, Tin films, Ferromagnetic substrates,. Magnetized plasma, crn films. Lars-Erik low cathode arc deposition of chromium and chromium nitride films", Surf. Coat. Technol. 188-189 .. of applications: electronics, optics, and machinery. The latter application often utilizes the

Summary 1. The basis of activated reactive ion plating (ARIP

Activated reactive ion plating (ARIP) processes are characterized by the following tors, hot hollow cathode discharge evaporators or cathode spot arc evapora- tors. Ion plating. The term "ion plating" was introduced by Mattox [1] for processes which include ion bombardment of the substrate and of the growing film.

Carbozen-FA SERIES, Vacuum Arc Coating Machine(id:9391783

The CARBOZENTM-FA( Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc) SERIES is an equipment for coating which utilizes an arc discharge, ion plating the Metallic targets of negative electrodes and coats the surface of the product. The biggest problem in the arc ion plating is a droplet (macro-particle) of μm size. This droplet reduces the

Arc Ion Plating AIP?-S series | Coating Equipments | KOBELCO

The AIP?-S series is a batch system using the Arc Ion Plating (AIP?) method. This flexible system can be used for a multi process films are possible. Super Fine Cathode: Plasma range extended by SFC Learn more. Fine Cathode: Plasma Enhanced Cathode. Normal Cathode: Conventional Cathode Machine Lineup

Plasma and Ion Sources in Large Area Coatings: A Review - Facades

28 Feb 2005 microwave discharges, some with special geometries like hollow cathodes and E × configurations deposition (PVD) techniques, although some selected, plasma -enhanced chemical vapor deposition . streaming plasma from a cathodic arc plasma source may be considered as a high-current, low energy

PVD Processes for Depositing Hard Tribological Coatings

that a PVD process could be used to deposit hard tribological coatings. This early work by Bunshah gave hollow cathode system for the deposition of TiN based on ion plating principles. About the same time that Much progress has been made in this area, and today with filtered cathodic arc deposition equipment it.

CrN Films Deposited by Magnetic Field-enhanced Arc Ion Plating

non-ferrous metal machining and injection molding [1-3]. CrN films have been deposited using various physical vapor deposition (PVD) processes, such as hollow cathode discharge [4], ion beam-assisted deposition [5], magnetron sputtering [6] and arc ion plating (AIP) [7]. A mixture of phases such as Cr, Cr+ Cr2N, Cr2N,.

Vacuum Ion Plating by Cathode Arc Source + Magnetron SPuttering

7 Mar 2016 Cathode arc sources and sputtering depositions in PVD vacuum coating industry has been widely used for high quality decoration and functional thin films gene

Evolutional History of Coating Technologies for Cemented Carbide

TiN and TiCN films, ion plating was predominant, char- acterized by the fusion and vaporization of raw substances in a crucible, as in electron beam and hollow cathode systems. Since the 1990s, when the arc ion plating method emerged, titanium aluminum nitride. (TiAlN) coatings formed by this process have been main.

Practical Use of Microbeam Analysis in Development of PVD Coatings

PVD coating treatment is an essential element in these types of working. The methods used in ion plating are the arc ion plat- ing method (AIP) and the hollow cathode discharge method (HCD). From the viewpoints of diversification of films and high adhesion, AIP has become the main- stream method. Figure 1 shows the

Patent EP0278494B1 - Hollow cathode gun and deposition device

16 Aug 1995 A hollow cathode gun for ion plating provided with a hollow cathode (2) applied to deposition and ionization of a substance to be deposited in the ion plating As the ion plating process, there are practised HCD process, a combination of EB (electron beam) and RF (radio frequency) processes, multi-arc

Hollow Cathode Discharges - Analytical Applications - NIST Page

Key words: Grimm discharge; hollow cathode discharge; low pressure glow discharges; Paschen discharge; planar cathode this regard is illustrated by the dc arc where the thermal Table 1, Sources of energy used in analytical emission spectroscopy to excite the radiations from atoms, ions, molecules, and free radicals.

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