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SilcoTek coatings for inert, corrosion resistant, anti coking, fouling resistant and high purity applications. Silcod technologies improve performance. In fact, we can coat not only stainless steel, but glass, ceramics, most steel alloys and super alloys. As you can see, silcod technology is not about just stainless tubing.

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Particular color as ceramics.Colored product emphasizes surface finish of stainless steel. Beautiful coloring of crystal looks, and above all, “GOLD” finish looks like real gold. Excellent in harmonious coloring all over the sheet, and reproduction between lots. Excellent anti abrasiveness.Coated by ceramics with high film

Mesoporous bioactive glass coatings on stainless steel for

Mesoporous bioactive glass ( MBG ) coatings with SiO2 : CaO : P2O5 mol ratio of 100 : 0 : 0, 80 : 15 : 5 and 70 : 25 : 5 and a tunable pore size and pore structure were prepared on a stainless steel plate by spin-coating sol solutions containing a triblock copolymer and the inorganic precursors. The calcium content in the

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