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Chromed Consumer Product. Mueller Corporation is a trusted provider for vacuum metalizing and spray coating services. Trusted manufacturer of reflective coating for the automotive, aerospace and medical industries. Gold Vacuum Metalized Component. Metalized Plastic Consumer Products. Chromed Consumer Product

Plating vs. vacuum metallizing vs. chrome-look painting of plastic

Plating vs. vacuum metallizing vs. chrome-look painting of plastic. 2) a second very thin layer of vacuum deposited aluminum, or a sprayed coating of tiny aluminum flakes or reduced silver nitrate (like used in mirrors) to provide the shine. 3) a clear coat (or tinted translucent top coat if colors are wanted) to protect the very

Vacuum Metalizing FAQs | VTI Vacuum Technologies, Inc.

What impact does vacuum metalization on plastics have on the environment? Virtually none. The vacuum metalization coating process is totally enclosed and all the metalized plastics can be recycled. The aluminum vacuum metalizing process on plastics is environmentally friendly.

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