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17 Dec 2015 speed:20-120m/min.

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Dispensing equipment for laminating, tape coating, labels, and a diverse range of coating applications from one of the world's leading manufacturers.

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Jiayuan is coating machine manufacturer in China, we offer glue coating machine, hot melt adhesive lamination machine, Hot melt adhesive film extruding coating machine,fully automatic self adhesive die cutting machine, paper slitter machine, high speed slitting machine, hot melt glue machine, rewinding machine , rotary

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16 Oct 2013 As coating corporations work toward increasing margins, getting more out of the capital at the site, improving turns in inventory, and reducing environmental impact, they are running into the edge of material, expertise, and equipment capability. Hot melt adhesive coating is a great option for traditional

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Water-based coatings are commonly used for: Lamination adhesives; Blister and heat seals; OGR barriers; Water and moisture barriers; Barrier and heat seals; Top-coat printing for: Digital and inkjet; UV offsets; Flexographics. Silicone releases; Tape releases; Removable adhesives; Protective coatings. Hot melt coatings

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ADHESIVE COATING MACHINE. Equipment has designed for applying surface adhesive coatings onto reel substrates. Explosion proof performance lets to use water or solvent based solutions. Different coating processes are possible: Meyer Bar; Reverse Gravure; Hot Melt or other. After the coating, the end holographic

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When preparing to apply a film adhesive, the component should first be coated with a primer, which can be air-sprayed or applied using manufacturer recommended equipment. Primer thickness should be considered because it will affect how strongly the adhesive bonds to the component. Once the primer coating has air


Machines for coating and converting of web-like materials like paper, film, foil and nonwoven.

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Our adhesive film is activated by exposing it to a brief, intense infrared heat source in HMT laminating equipment. The heat melts the adhesive film moments before being applied to your laminate and substrate. Your materials are never exposed to the infrared heat which means our adhesive can bond delicate materials

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TOP; > Search Product; > Product classification List; > Double-coated adhesive tapes for electrical insulation and electronic equipment Silicone-based adhesive. Double-coated adhesive tapes for electrical insulation and electronic equipment Silicone-based adhesive. Product name. Tape No. Backing ( Thickness ㎜).

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evaporated to obtain a non-blocking adhesive coating. Thorough drying is essential as residual solvent may cause blocking in the roll. Drying temperatures of 77–104°C (170–220°F) coordinated with proper film web speed and tension are presently being used with success. Excessive machine direction (MD) film stretching.

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D&K products are made in the USA and include thermal, heat assist, and pressure sensitive (cold) laminating films and adhesives, wide format and desktop laminators, automated one or two sided high-speed laminating systems, and much more. D&K also offers custom equipment and coated products designed to meet

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Applicator for universal use, with gap height adjustable from 0 μm - 3'000 μm, for preparing uniform films or wedge-shaped layers up to a difference of 3'000 μm of coating materials, adhesives and similar products on flat substrates. ZUA 2002 Universal Applicator. Applicator with gap height adjustable from 0 μm - 1′000 μm

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Equipment, machines, systems and turn-key lines for web-coating and laminating with hot melt adhesives. - Adhesive coating - Foam lamination - Labels and labelstock - Multi-layer lamination - Non-woven coating and laminating - Film lamination - Tapes - Speciality Tapes - UV coating and laminating - Membrane

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DIC has developed and launched the well-received DAITAC #8800CH recycling- compatible double-coated adhesive tape that has both properties: to adhesive reliability when the office automation equipment were used and to be removable by hand when dismantling office equipment. As new products with the same

Nordson Web Coating equipment improves manufacturing

Web Coating equipment for adhesive backcoating improves product quality, produce softer fabrics and increase line speeds.

Converting Equipment for Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives | 2013-10

1 Oct 2013 As they move through the web flow, adhesives can stick to equipment, build up on slitting blades and ooze during rewinding if not handled carefully. Large manufacturers frequently standardize their shafts from the coating through converting departments; winders on the coaters and unwinds on slitters

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