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The term physical vapor deposition (PVD) describes a group of vacuum-based coating processes and thin film technologies. Unlike in chemical Flexible systems for Large Area Plasma Processing The AK 800 and 1000 systems are batch type layouts and differ in maximum sample size and number of plasma sources.

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System Summary Vertical batch coating system optimized for thermal resistance evaporation. Designed for coating low temperature plastics in a batch manufacturing environment Ideal for batch aluminum Rotating multi-planetary fixture designs provide uniform coating for large batch size complex 3D substrates.

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ATC-B Batch Coater Sputter Systems custom designed to handle smaller production runs of multiple substrates. To optimize these systems for a given PVD process, AJA engineers can draw on a long history of standard and custom sputter source and substrate holder designs to . or a large number of smaller substrates.

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An "In Line" PVD Sputtering System is one in which substrates pass linearly beneath one or more Sputter cathodes to acquire their Thin Film coating. Normally the substrates are loaded onto a carrier or pallet in order to facilitate this motion, and some smaller systems handle just one pallet per batch run. Larger systems may

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Scientific Vacuum Systems manufacture ion beam milling and sputtering systems used for thin film coating a range of surfaces via PVD, including CIG solar cells. Our Ion Beam Systems range from R&D through to medium and large scale batch production units, incorporating the latest Ion Source designs and technology.

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PVD coating equipment from HEF comes in a diverse range of sizes and physical configurations to suit a wide range of needs. Since HEF has chosen to focus primarily on automotive and industrial components where large volumes are not uncommon, recent development work has focused on developing large batch size

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The PlasmaPro System400 is used for single-wafer or batch PVD processing and offers the flexibility of pulsed dc, dc, rf and reactive magnetron sputtering. It finds applications in production or research & development.

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14 May 2014 Published on May 14, 2014. Unlike traditional PVD tools, the smart design of the InlineCoater makes it well suited for Lean Production, handling small loads at a very high throughput. The systems feature a large variety of high-quality PVD coatings for functional and decorative applications. The InlineCoater

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SINGULUS bietet Produktionsmaschinen für Vakuum Beschichtung, nasschemische und thermische Prozesse für Solar, Halbleiter und Optical Disc.

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It offers the critical process of the next-generation semiconductor, such as “Cu Barrier Seed PVD for TSV”, “Aluminum Emitter Wiring PVD for Large Diameter Substrate Power Devices”, Batch-type Sputtering System SX series is for batch type sputtering system for research & development and small production application.

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