Programmable Spin Coater ( 9 segements, 4“ wafer Max.) with

The spin head actuator is a precision DC servo motor with accurate speed and acceleration control. The substrate can be held by either mechanical clamps or by vacuum (for thinner objects). The device Programmable Hi-Speed Spin Coater (10K rpm & 5" max) with Vacuum Chucks (Optional Heating Cover) - VTC- 100PA

China Compact Vacuum Programmable Spin Coater with Oilless

China Compact Vacuum Programmable Spin Coater with Oilless Vacuum Pump Cy-Ez4, Find details about China Ez4 Programmable Spin Coater, Compact Spin Coater from Compact Vacuum Programmable Spin Coater with Oilless Vacuum Pump Cy-Ez4 - Zhengzhou CY Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

Spin Coater 650 Series Controller - Laurell Technologies

Digital readout of closed loop speed control; Non-Volatile memory; Convenient twenty, 51-step program storage (can be rearranged in the field to a maximum of 128 programs with 8 steps each, and a minimum of 5 programs with 255 steps each, if desired); Vacuum and lid interlocks — display of actual vacuum at the wafer

The SPIN150i spin coater - Spincoating

High quality seamless NPP fabrication. Optional in PTFE. Includes a FREE vacuum chuck and fragment adapter. SPIN COATERS SPIN150i NPP Integrator / SPIN150i PTFE Integrator Easy in-deck integration in your existing or new wetbench. Available in natural polypropylene (NPP) or optional PTFE process chamber.

G3 Spin Coater – Specialty Coating Systems

Available with three different bowl sizes, SCS G3 Spin Coaters feature compact housing for convenience when using in fume hoods. Programmable spin coaters have an optional integrated dispense arm, optional exhaust adapter, and are equipped to control solenoid operation of an optional dispensing unit. SCS Spin

Facilities | Thin film deposition, Chemical vapor deposition, FTIR

Horizontal Furnace System, N-037 MSC, Horizontal tube furnace system with pressure and temperature control, along with Argon and ultra-high vacuum hydrogen gas Oxygen and water sensors are equipped Laurell WS-400 spin processor: capable of spinning up to ? 150mm wafers and 102mm x 102mm substrates.

Spin Coaters – Nanomat

A spin coater is mostly used for creating thin films with thicknesses below 10 nm of even high quality thickness, using centripetal force. Typically From low priced, inexpensive laboratory spin coaters SPIN150i or SPIN200i to POLOS Advanced single wafer spin coating equipment with multiple dispense lines, suitable for

MicroChem PMMA WP

select the appropriate PMMA dilution and spin speed needed to achieve the desired film thickness. The recommended coating conditions are: (1) Dispense: STATIC. 5 - 8ml for a 150mm wafer. (2) Spread: DYNAMIC 500 rpm for 5 sec OR. STATIC. 0 rpm for 10 sec. (3) Spin: Ramp to final spin speed at a high acceleration.

POLOS Series single wafer spin processor - Sparetech

9 Sep 2015 04. The SPIN150i & SPIN200i spin processors are advanced systems offering precise, repeatable process control. An aerodynamically efficient chamber . 302 mm. 380 (w) x 307 (h) x 599 (d) mm. 20 kgs. 680 x 580 x 480 mm. 100 - 120 VAC / 200 - 240 VAC. 50/60 Hz (auto select). Peak 1800 W. 10A / 8A.

Anti-Corrosion Spin Coater ( 500-8000 rpm, 6″ wafer Max.) with

VTC-200P is Anti-Corrosion Spin Coater made of Polypropylene (PP) material, which can be used for strong acidic or alkali solution, especially suitable for use inside glovebox under Ar gas. Four vacuum chucks are included for coating wafer from 10 mm to 6″. Digital control box is separated from spin coater which allow

POLOS Series Single Wafer Spin Processor - SPS-Europe

steps and graphical representation. The digital motor speed controller enables accurate acceleration and stable rotations: critical factors for coating uniformity. . 10. Specifications POLOS Advanced. Specifications. Available number of programs: Steps per program: Spin speed:* Spin speed accuracy: Spin rotational


Uniform solutions manufactured with statistical process control. 2. .. at 80?C using a 4 to 1 (by volume) H2SO4 – H2O2 solution to remove any organic contaminants, a water rinse, followed by a 10 to 1 . Note: If any dopant wraps around onto backside of silicon wafer during spin coating it may be removed by a backside.

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Lesker PVD75 E-beam evaporator: 10-7 torr, 4-pocket E-beam guns, 5kW solide state power supply, rotating substrate fixture up to 150mm wafer, 350°C Q- sense QCM, spin coater; controlled atmosphere glove box, ozone cleaner, digitally controlled hot pate/stirrer, stainless steel drying oven, ultrasonic cleaner, and

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Suss MicroTec LabSpin 8 Bench Mounted Spin Coater (*) – 100-200mm capable system in Class 10 mini environment. Suss MicroTec Yield Engineering Systems (YES) 450PB (*) – polyimide curing furnace capable of up to 450C in vacuum or nitrogen ambient with programmable ramping for stress control. Blue M ovens

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Spin Rinser Dryers The set temperature and the temperature profile have narrow margins, meaning that a high coating quality can be achieved. glass, easy cleaning; Easy levelling of the hotplate, prevents discharge of photoresist; Manual substrate fixation via vacuum; Manual loading and unloading of the substrates.


The DELTA 80 can process delicate wafer frag- ments, wafers up to ? 8” (? 200 mm) or substrates up to 6” x 6” (150 x 150 mm). The unique design of the DELTA 80 process cham- ber provides a better uniformity than conventional open bowl spin coaters. At the same time it can sig- nificantly reduce resist consumption up to

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