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28 Jan 2015 Application field: 1. it can coat aluminum, nickel, chromium and other metal films to plastic, resin, glass ,ceramic and other materials . for example: decor

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It is also capable of sputter coating substrates with metals such as chromium, aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, nickel-chrome alloys, etc. Brochure > > On occasion, VTI is able to offer an exceptional purchase price on pre-owned vacuum metallizing equipment that is fully refurbished, tested, and certified.

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Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) (Also Known As Thin Film Deposition) Vacuum coating process of vaporizing a solid metal to a plasma of atoms or molecules, vapor automotive trim, marine fittings, casino, outdoor, sporting equipment, medical instruments, indoor/outdoor lighting, architectural elements and much more.

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Stainless steel pipe plate pvd vacuum coating machine. Stainless steel vacuum coating machine can be widely used in: 1. it can coat aluminum, nickel, chromium and other metal films to plastic, resin, glass. ,ceramic and other materials . for example: decoration, toys and cup. Making the material. surface metalized ,red

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Jewelry gold vacuum plating machine / TiN PVD vacuum coating equipment adopts the multi-arc coating way, it is a vertical type or horizontal type and with one open door or double doors. To meet the requirements of the modern coating industry, high working efficiency. It can be applied on metal, glass, ceramic, crystal and

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Chrome Plating Machine, Wholesale Various High Quality Chrome Plating Machine Products from Global Chrome Plating Machine Suppliers and Chrome Plating Machine Factory,Importer,Exporter at Alibaba.

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Reflection coating of car headlights and taillights plating on plastic mold injection molding, is the reflection of 90% Al (aluminum) and reflectivity of 95% ~ 98% Ag ( silver) to achieve, merged into a reflective coating vacuum equipment plated over all headlights specifications, significantly more than the standard 10 minutes

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Hardware? decorative coatings solutions provide high performance surface treatment for a variety of products of sanitary industry , coated products show the It is a high efficiency, harmless and pollution-free equipment. Ni, Cr, AL, Au, Ag ( gold, silver, nickel, chromium, aluminum and other metal film monochrome ).

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4 Jun 2002 A vacuum metalization process for applying a chrome coating on aluminum and steel substrates, for example vehicle wheels, hub caps, bumpers and the like by means of a vacuum vapor deposition, said first metallic layer comprising a mixture of approximately 50-80% Nickel and 50-20% Chromium; and.

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Techmetals has large coating thin-film vacuum physical vapor deposition (PVD) capability. We also offer roughly 26 different coating options. pvdcoatings. Techmetals PVD Techcoat coatings are selected to help machine light weight metal alloys for aluminum, magnesium, nitinol, and titanium. Techcoat coatings like:

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Typical metals used as target material in decorative PVD processes are naval brass, bronze, aluminum, zirconium, titanium, chromium, titanium-aluminum alloys and niobium. The rang of colors can Mustang's PVD coating equipment provide an excellent eco-friendly alternative to electroplating, with outstanding results.

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PECVD can be performed at pressures as low as those used in PVD processing ( low-pressure PECVD, LP-PECVD), where the precursor vapor is decomposed mainly in the plasma. In some cases a hybrid deposition process of PVD and LP- PECVD is used to deposit alloys, composites, or compounds. An example is metal

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Vacuum/Vapor Coating. Decorative electroplated chrome coatings on plastics have been produced for decades. For environmental reasons, there has been a shift away from hexavalent chrome (Cr6) to trivalent chrome (Cr3) with increased investments towards elemental chrome PVD coatings to maintain the true chrome

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Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is a generic term for vacuum plating processes involving bombardment of the surface by energetic ions to enhance coating Today, metal nitrides such as titanium nitride (TiN) zirconium nitride (ZrN) and chromium nitride (CrN) are applied on faucets, door hardware, lighting fixtures, and a

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Thermal evaporation, otherwise known, as vacuum metalizing, is the most common PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process used to apply metal alloys under vacuum. Vacuum metalizing has many uses including; EMI/RFI shielding, decorative chrome and metallic finishes, highly reflective coatings for light reflectors, heat

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