Jet-Hot has been the most trusted name in exhaust coatings for over 35 years. to hear our name used as a verb: “You need to get those headers Jet-Hotted.”

Performance Coatings | Ceramic Coating | Auburn, WA

Unlike header wraps, ceramic coatings do not hold potentially damaging heatand moisture around the part. Rather, the surface temperatures are actually

Ceramic Coated vs Painted Headers - Summit Racing Quick Flicks

Aug 14, 2012 Painted or ceramic coated headers---which are better? This video explains thebenefits of each style of header and helps you find the find

Cerakote Coatings

Welcome to Cerakote High Temperature Ceramic Coatings.

Ceramic Coatings - Stainless Headers Mfg., Inc.

Stainless Headers Mfg. Inc. is a premier applicator of ceramic coatings. Thesecoatings offer excellent thermal barrier characteristics, corrosion protection and

Ceramic Coating vs. Exhaust Wraps: Which Improves Horsepower

Find out what's better—ceramic coating or exhaust wraps. Both ceramic coatedheaders and exhaust wraps improve horsepower, so let's go over their pros

Two-Minute Tech | D.I.Y. Ceramic Coated Headers - PowerNation

High temperature paint keeps headers from rusting.

White Lightning Exhaust Coatings | Swain Tech Coatings | Industrial

White Lightning? really is ceramic so the material is a superior insulatingmaterial. If you mar the coating with wrenches you tighten up the header to themotor

Exhaust Paint - Ceramic Coating Exhaust - Exhaust Coatings

This exhaust manifold paint and coating supply from Eastwood is available forsale Replicate the look of cast iron on manifolds, headers; protects to 1400°F.

Our Coatings - High Performance Ceramic Header Coatings

Stand out from the crowd… Not only can we coat your exhaust and intakecomponents, we can also coat oil pans, timing covers, water pump housings,hood

Ceramic Header Coatings from Rick's Powder Coating | Ceramic

Industrial Powder Coating at Rick's Powder Coating, a leader in industrial metalcoating and Ceramic Header Coatings and and other performance parts.

5 Top Reasons to Ceramic Coat your Exhaust Headers and Turbo

Jun 11, 2014 Ceramic coated headers look great on a restored hot rod. So in order to protectyour exhaust parts look to a ceramic coating which has

Armor Coat Ceramic Header Coating - Aesthetic Finishers

Armor Coat? Ceramic Coat your headers, exhaust system, intakes, valve coversand all other components subjected to high temperatures with AFI'S near

Cool High Tech Ceramic Coatings - Hot Rod Network

Aug 1, 2002 From A Longevity Standpoint, Painted Headers Just Can't Stack Up Against High-Tech Ceramic Coatings.

Ceramic Coating Break-In Procedure | Bonehead Performance

Breaking in an engine with freshly painted ceramic coated headers WILL result indamage to the coating. Ceramic coated headers require several heat cycles

CCPcoatings - ceramic coatings, header coatings, exhaust

Custom Concepts Performance Coatings - CCPcoatings offers a full line ofCeramic Coatings and Thermal Barriers. They're specifically designed to

Synergy Coatings - Ceramic

Team Synergy Coatings - Ceramic Coating Specialist Unlike header wraps,ceramic coatings do not hold potentially damaging heat & moisture around the

automotive ceramic coatings los angeles high performance heat for

aluminum ceramic high performance protective coatings for exhaust header,exhaust systems.

Performance Coatings - Professional Powder Coating

Performance Coatings Professional Powder Coating, Fast Turn Around Times. Innovators of Performachrome?. The world's brightest ceramic header coating.

Ceramic Coating | QCCOATINGS

Dun Right Q.C. Coatings offers a high heat high luster silver ceramic coating thatis Ceramics, unlike header wraps and traditional heat paint do not hold

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