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Our vacuum coating equipment are widely applied into several fields, like plastics , eletronics, watches, food, chemicals, metals, harswares, automobiles, papers, of enterprise, strong its advantages, speed up its development, and make new contributions to advancing the world standard of vacuum application equipment.

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PVD vacuum coating equipment and system: Evaporation deposition coating equipment, Magnetron sputtering depostion coating equipment, Arc charge deposition coating equipment, Multiple functional coating equipment and system. Continuous coating on-line plant: ITO transparent conductive glass coting production

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3D Batch Coating Equipment. Mustang offers a PVD is increasingly used as an alternative for traditional electroplated processes to achieve both decorative and functional coatings. We focus on highly Each of the Mustang systems can be configured with virtually any deposition method or multiple deposition sources.

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HCVAC manufactures and supplies all kinds of PVD vacuum coating machines. Now it is a market leader in the high-vacuum treatment field with customers from all around the world. Huicheng produces a complete range of machinery, offering different types of processes: high vacuum evaporation, multi-arc, DC sputtering,

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Established in 1986, Yii Chwan Enterprise Co.,Ltd. main products focuses on producing various Coating and converting machines to the world. We major business ranges include Coating machinery, adhesive tape Coating Machine, Vacuum Coating Machine, OPP tape, release and paper Coating machines. We produce

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Our company has had 9 main coating equipments up to now, including Multiple arc plasma vacuum coating machine, Magnetic sputtering vacuum coating machine, Multifunctional intermediate frequency vacuum coating machine, Evaporation vacuum coating machine, Automatic optical coating equipment, Vacuum roll

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