Thin Film & Coating Analysis Systems with Measurement Capability

12 Nov 2015 The EQ-TFCAS Film & Coating Thickness Measurement Systems provide a non- contact solution to analyze thin films and coatings* with thickness from 200nm to 110

Thin Film measurements - Avantes

Avantes instruments and fiber-optic sampling tools enable spectroscopic reflectometry measurements to support applications in a variety of industries from semiconductor to solar and optical coating measurements. Avantes thin film solutions provide low cost measurement systems for single and multi-layer thin films on a

Process Control of Ultra Thin Film Measurements by X-ray

This miniaturization requires ultra thin film capabilities along with reliable measurement methods in order to ensure expected performance and quality while still maintaining cost efficiencies. In addition to the overall need generated by the increase of smaller components, additional benefits of ultra thin films include (but

Thin film thickness measurements using Scanning White Light

1 Jan 2014 This capability will have many important applications which include measurements on optical coatings, displays, semiconductor devices, transparent conducting oxides and thin film photovoltaics. In this paper we report measurements of thin film thickness made using coherence correlation interferometry on

Thin Film Measurement Systems | - StellarNet Inc

We offer a complete line of film thickness measurement systems that can measure from 5 nm to 200 μm for analysis of single layer and/or multilayer films in less than a Polymers, Semiconductors (Si, aSi, polySi), Hard coatings (SiC, DLC), Polymer coatings (Paralene, PMMA, Polyamides), thin metal films and many more.

Coatings and Thin Films Analysis and Testing - Intertek

We have significant knowledge of materials testing requirements for powder coatings, polymers, aerosols, adhesives, specialty coatings, paints, inks, toners, lacquers, multilayer systems, laminates, thin-films, hot melt and sealants. We work with many new and advanced coating materials such as graphene, nanomaterials,

Software: Thin-Film Coating Design: Excel extends optical coating

8 Apr 2014 Microsoft Excel can extend the capabilities of optical thin-film design and measurement software through its functions, programming environment, and universal connectivity.

OPTIMAX Thin Film Coatings | Optimax Systems

Optimax has a range of thin film coating technologies available that can be tailored to best satisfy each customer's requirements. World class high laser damage threshold coatings for CW and pulsed applications; The ability to deterministically correct coating uniformity on curved surfaces; Shift free, durable coatings

Alluxa - New Metrology Techniques for Advanced Thin Film Optical

Alluxa's thin film optical filter technology has advanced to the point where the spectral slopes and blocking levels are challenging even the best metrology equipment The types of filters which require this measurement capability include those with particularly rapid changes in transmission, such as deep notches, narrow

Alluxa Introduces HELIX? Spectral Analysis System for Measuring

The HELIX Spectral Analysis System has redefined measurement capabilities of high performance thin-film optical filters. transmission to OD6 (-60 dB), wide- range blocking beyond OD6, and ultra-narrow filters with sub-nanometer bandwidths has driven recent advancements in thin-film design and coating technologies.

Accurate measurement of optical coating thickness - Taylor Hobson

Capability of measuring a wide range of materials. ? Highly repeatable measurements. ? Roughness and step-height analysis in one measurement. ? Film thickness and interfacial surface measurement capability. Coherence Correlation Interferometry (CCI). Figure 1: Schematic of a scanning interferometer system.

Thin Films & Coatings - Oxford Instruments

In addition, the ability to measure functional properties simultaneously at these length scales has become a key aspect of thin film engineering for targeted applications. AFM provides critical information in the development, optimization, and monitoring of thin film growth processes, and in rationalizing design pathways to

Manufacturing - Advanced Thin Films

Full Optical Capabilities—From Polishing and Coating to System Integration. Manufacturing methods that result in <100-nm TTV across 75-mm diameters; State-of-the-art metrology that can measure optical thickness accuracies to ±1- nm; Adhesive-free bonding—Chemically Activated Direct Bonding? (CADB)— that is

Requirements Analysis, Coating Design, Process Development - AJ

AJ Thin Films has many years experience in all aspects of the thin film industry, from thin film design and process development, through to production Working in collaboration with a company in the optical design layout and associated coatings for a spectral measurement system; Thin film design support for a novel

Thin Films - Sandia National Laboratories

etching, RF sputter bias and reactive sputtering capabilities. — Pulsed DC sputtering also available on two systems. — Current reactive sputter systems offer O2, Analysis capabilities. ? Analysis of thin film stress ex-situ using. Flexus Tencor laser curvature measuring device. ? In-situ analysis of thin film stress using. MOSS

FilmDoctor - SIO - Saxonian Institute of Surface Mechanics - SIO

multi-layer coatings (up to 100 layers); thin films (theoretically down to 1 angstroem*); thick films (theoretically unlimited*); with intrinsic/thermal stresses and gradients of it With regard to measurement analysis it practically depends on capabilities (e.g. the resolution and noise floor) of your measurement instrument.

II-VI Optical Systems :: Metallization

Metallization Coatings Dielectric Enhancement Allows Higher Reflectance Than Achievable with Bare Metals; Ability to Solder Metal to Glass; Enhancement of a Single Wavelength or Over a Broad Range Scanning White Light Interferometery enables II-VI Optical Systems to Analyze and Measure Metal Film Thickness

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