China Stainless Steel Knife and Fork PVD Vacuum Coating Machine

China Stainless Steel Knife and Fork PVD Vacuum Coating Machine/Stainless Steel Cutlery Titanium Nitride Gold Ion Coating Machine, Find details about China Type: China Manufacturer/Supplier; Technology: Ion+Sputtering Coating ; Control System: Manual Automatic All-in-One; Coating Color: Gold, Rosegold, Silver,

Sprinkler gold color plating pvd vacuum coating machine, shower

29 Jun 2016 Manufacturer: Leading-Coating(Shanghai, China) Website:www.leadingcoating. com Email: LJW@leadingcoating Whatsapp:+86-13916614261 HL Series multi-arc ion

Ceramic tiles gold PVD vacuum coating machine

Ceramic Tableware gold metallizing machine pvd vacuum coating machine - Duration: decorative PVD machine for glass mosaic, ceramic tiles - Duration: to various tools and parts. Our vacuum coating machine is suitable for stainless steel, ceramic tiles and vacuum ceramic/bathroom wall tile gold color pvd. vacuum

Tableware/flatware Colorful Pvd Vacuum Plating Equipment/titanium

Tableware/flatware colorful PVD vacuum plating equipment/Titanium nitride gold/ black/blue colors vacuum coating machine : By use of the advanced Japanese PRO-Face touch screen and Mitsubishi PLC centralized control, the device is equipped with an automatic shift vacuum gauge and a three-way flow controller, one

Hardware Fittings Coating - PVD vacuum metallizer vacuum coating

vacuum coating machines in hardware fittings industry. Description : Shinning color ; Rose gold color ; Silver color Anti-corrosion function. lock vacuum coating machine stainless steel ashtray vacuum coating equipment is applied to metal, stainless steel, alloy material surface shine film coating. stainless steel coffee

Hardware? decorative coatings solutions_Vacuum Coating

Hardware? decorative coatings solutions provide high performance surface treatment for a variety of products of sanitary industry , coated products show the ZrN ( brass color, zirconium gold ) Heating system, Normal temperature up to 350 degrees Adjustable (PID temperature control), stainless steel heating tube.

PVD Coating Machine OEM Manufacturer from New Delhi

For the coating color, we can do golden, silver, Champaign gold, rose gold, coffee, gun color and other more colors. Working environment: Guardrail/ stainless steel pipe vacuum coating machine adopts the multi-arc coating way, it is a vertical type or horizontal type and with one open door or double doors.

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