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Automatic sheet coating machines for an automated coating process, including and a Hot Roll Laminator, to laminate adhesive backed films, in one machine. .or anti static coating to one or both sides of plastic packaging materials in a

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May 16, 2016 Fabric coating machine leather coating machine PU/PVC coating line - coatingmachine. Width:2000mm Speed:5~100m/min Oven

KECO Coatings

Cerakote TEFLON? Thermoplastic URETHANE Dry Film Lubricants PlasmaCoatings Powder Coatings Ceramics/Thermal Electrical/Anti-static Coatings.

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One- and double-sided inline coating of BOPET and BOPP films with coatingsystem InCo 800/800A to (e.g. for metal-coated films); Anti block properties (e.g. for optical films); Anti slip; Anti static; Anti fog Acrylates; Polyester;Polyurethanes.

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We offer Silicone coated release films, Silicone coated release papers, and Metalized-PET; Metalized-BOPP; Poly-coated paper; Plastic (Poly)coatedlinerboard Rayven has 9-Slitters as well as traverse winding equipment thatcan handle slip, traction, flood coated white (or colors), laser print receptive, oranti-static.


Optical-grade PET Film Coating Machine; Optical Clear Adhesive (OCA) Coating PU Resin Dip Coating Machine; High Functional Fiber Manufacturing

pdf 834 kB R&D for Inline Coating, 2012 - Brückner Maschinenbau

Machinery and Processing for Coating and Converting One application here isopti- cal films. ? Anti-static. Anti-static properties are needed especially duringexplo- polyurethane coatings can be applied with a coating weight (wet).

PVDC latex technical information

Example of coating machine conformation coating: Used principally for fiberbinder and polyurethane foam. Avoid substrate film containing antistatic agent.

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Explore Coating Machine Categories. Curing Machine Automatic TabletCoating Machine . Main Products : PU Coating Line, Pvc Coating Line. VapiINA

Anti-Static Coatings Static Dissipative Coatings for Floors ESD

Staticide? can easily be applied on sensitive electronic equipment, walls Useon trays, tote bags, dip tubes, storage bins, packaging, and film .. ACL'seconomical water-based polyurethane coating dissipates static on concrete andother.

COS.T.A.: machinery and plants for coating

T.A. also produces plants and machinery used for coating various materials aspaper, coating plants to ennoble leather (surface finishings with polyurethanefilm) and unwinding with an antistatic brush assembled on an adjustable guide.

Coating Machine :B2BManufactures For Taiwan and China

Taiwan Coating Machine manufacturer- Wai-Pu Develop Co. to serve thecustomers regarding dust extracting, static electricity eliminating, laser or .sugar Coating and filmcoating machines, packing machines, automatic tablet &capsule

New Anti-Static Coating For Plastics - Coatings World

Oct 7, 2010 PCI adds anti-static coating to its portfolio. Sherwin-Williams launches anti-graffiti polyurethane coating Henkel has introduced Aerodag Ceramishield, adurable anti-spatter ceramic dry film coating for welding equipment.

Study of Performance Characteristics of Fabrics Coated with PVC

16% PU solution in ethyl acetate (commercial sample) PL-2 adhesive Coatingmethod: Coating was carried out on Benz coating machine. penetrationresistance of fabric was measured by Shirley hydrostatic head tester. Launderability: The integrity of coated film was determined by subjecting thefabric to laundering.

Fixing Common Static Problems - AlphaLab, Inc.

Common static electricity problems and remedies-- a series of brief articles. Other materials will charge much more, such as urethane foam and clear .making sure the water film has no gaps and that it bridges to ground for at leastan instant. .. If conductive powder is used for coating, it should therefore eitherbe made

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Aug 22, 2013 When it comes to getting the most of your powder coating operation, the finishof choice in industries ranging from heavy equipment to electronics and A poorground affects the transfer efficiency and results in improper film build. . andpolyurethanes to powder coatings and coil and extrusion coatings.

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We produce aromatic polyester and polyether TPU films as well as aliphatic TPUfilms We also manufacture TPU film-based adhesives, fire retardant and anti-static films. We continually invest in new technology, equipment, and talent andare always striving to improve our processes and PU product AdhesiveCoating.

Coating and Sizing Challenges and Solutions - Valmet

With film transfer technology the coating layer is first evened out onto the rollsurface and then transferred Machine-direction coat weight variation can beharmful in many ways. Oftentimes it . polyurethane covers. based on thesestatic measurements and/or experience-based knowledge based on therunnability of the.

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From laminating and coating machines to inspection machines to laboratorytesting Static and Kinetic Coefficients of Friction of Plastic Film and Sheeting.

Effects of Additives on Weather-Resistance Properties of

Dec 3, 2013 Polyurethane Films Exposed to Ultraviolet Radiation and Ozone. Atmosphere .a coating machine and then dried in a vacuum oven at 60. °. C for 12 h. .. oxideas UV absorber, part 1: static and dynamic light scattering,.

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