Hot melt adhesives machine, competence and development center

HIP-MITSU gives you highly qualified support during the R&D phase, focused on the achievement of new coated and/or laminated products. The full range of Tests execution and preliminary production series in real conditions on substrates/polymers/adhesives using production lines; Project Engineering: HIP- MITSU

Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Applications | Nordson

Whether you are looking for coating, laminating or profile-wrapping applicators, Nordson equipment offers high-tech solutions for hot melt adhesive coating. Designed to deliver superior accuracy for both continuous and intermittent dispersal of hot melt coating, our products will help make your manufacturing process more

Coating - Coating lines | BOBST

BOBST's coating product line has specialist engineering know-how and understanding covering the wide range of process technologies involved, making it perfectly placed to Features. Hot melt adhesives. Silicone coating. Coating/ lacquering Line for solventless silicone and adhesive coating for labelstock production.

Dispensing Equipment for Coating Applications - Valco Melton

Precision hot melt coating dies can be manufactured from 100 millimeters to 3 meters wide for a diverse range of applications requiring micron accuracy, including tape and label manufacturing, acoustic foam or felt, and carpet backing and lamination. Slot-die coating of cold applied materials can be performed using the

Hot Melt Adhesive - Gala Industries

Gala has numerous HMA Pelletizing Systems in operation worldwide, pelletizing a wide variety of hot melt adhesive ranging from EVA based to PA, Polyester, APAO, Typical production systems include melt pump, screen changer, melt cooler/hot oil system, polymer diverter valve, water box by-pass system, pelletizer ,

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