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KS Horizontal (sputter down) series; KS 500 H Dual chamber; KS Vertical series; KS confocal series. Features: Vertical or Horizontal Design; DC/RF high deposition rate magnetron cathodes; Automatic shutters; Substrate RF or DC bias ; Turbomolecular or cryogenic pumping system; New generation control and software

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LOW-E magnetron sputtering coating production line, mainly used for single and double low-e glass coating, and steel single, double silver Low-E glass coating. > > Detail Horizontal AZO transparent conductive film production line Anti- reflection conductive film continuous magnetron sputtering production line.

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Discover all the information about the product Magnetron sputtering machine / fully-automatic horizontal / in-line / horizontal inline 1200 Sputter Coating System - Sichuan Goldstone Orient New Material Equipment Co , Ltd and find where you can buy it. Contact the manufacturer directly to receive a quote.

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Magnetron Sputtering Mirror Coating Production Line. The large area horizontal on-line sputtering system is designed to continuously coat the metallic or compound layers on glass sheets for the production of reflective glass. The machine is fully automatic controlled and glass is continuously moving and coating from one

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1.Type of equipment: vertical / horizontal continuous magnetron sputtering coating line. 2.Carrier size: designed as 1×1100mm(W)× 1400mm(L)×3mm. 3. Uniformity of the film: in the effective deposition area, the film thickness uniformity ≤ ±5%. 4. Cathode structure design: adopts medium frequency twin rotary cathode,

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30 Sep 2013 An "In-Line" PVD Sputtering System is one in which substrates pass linearly beneath one or more Sputter cathodes to acquire their Thin Film coating. The most common, and least complex, configuration is to have the pallets and cathodes horizontal with cathodes on top and substrates on the bottom in a

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5 Nov 2011 Vertical type consecutive sputtering coating line www.pvd-metallizer Main applications: Apply to the following production of: 1), touch screen, sc

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This equipment offers a horizontal movement of the substrate under magnetron sputtering sources. The main advantage of this equipment is to perform the []

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For example, the ATC-B 3400-H horizontal cylinder has special magnetron sputter sources which are designed to reliably run a 50,000 layer processes that can take up to 4 days to complete. Small in-line coater designed to utilize AJA STXL rectangular magnetrons to coat multiple substrates on a moving pallet.

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PVD is increasingly used as an alternative for traditional electroplated processes to achieve both decorative and functional coatings. We focus on highly robust Vertical Batch Thermal Evaporation Metalizing System; Optimized Coating Area 1,000mm Tall x; Dual door with Multiple Planetary tooling configuration. The HMS .

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Over 1000 systems installed and operating worldwide for sputtering, metallization , pvd, plasma, pecvd process" /> sputtering plant, pvd equipment, plantas de Sputtering, systèmes de sputtering, impianti sputtering, Anlagen für Sputtering, sistema sputtering, sputtering process, pvd vacuum coating, vacuum coating, thin -film,

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DLY Mirror Silvering Production Line DJW Horizontal Magnetron Sputtering Coating Line Vacuum Coating Machine (30% power saving) CNC Automatic Cutting Machine Glass Painting Machine and Washing Machine Rearview Mirror Bending Furnace Line Automobile Glass Production Line Middle-Frequency Magnetron

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With more than 55 years of experience in electron beam processes and over 40 years of know-how in vacuum coating, VON ARDENNE is one of the leading providers of equipment and technologies in PVD thin-film technology and vacuum process technology. VON ARDENNE is able to turn product property requirements

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The horizontal arrangement can be also performed in a sputter up orientation wherein substrates on top and cathodes on the bottom. This arrangement is not commonly used for single sided coating, but is sometimes used for double sided coating, where cathodes are placed

HHV Large Area Coaters

The large area substrate coater with a magnetron sputtering with a downward sputtering deposition was installed in the western part of India, at an altitude of 1000 HHV has designed and developed an In-line Horizontal Magnetron sputtering system for commercial applications to handle substrate of size 1.0 m x 1.0 m.

New Roll-to-Roll Sputtering System for Wide Film and Application

allows the chambers to be connected horizontally while securing accessibility to the coating zones, and facilitates installation. Thus the system can be introduced more easily than conventional models. In addition to the conventional planar sputtering sources, the W60-S type accommodates rotary magnetron (RM) sputtering

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PVD Coaters and Lines: Double doors plastic metallizing machine: Magnetron sputtering: Batch Type Sputtering machine: Continuous horizontal sputtering line for aluminum * silver mirror making: Continuous ITO sputtering coating production line: Vacuum PVD arc deposition machine: We provide custom solutions of PVD

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is considered. For deposition of oxide coatings method of magnetron reactive sputtering on alternating current is used. machines are used with glasses motion in a horizontal plane and coating deposition in the direction from top to Figure 1: Laboratory pilot coating line UV100. The vacuum machine is composed of three

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