Gemstone Coating Treatment

Coating is a method of enhancement that can vary widely. It can be as simple as a spot from a permanent marking pen on a diamond's girdle to nail polish on the underside of a stone. These are not recommended treatments, but they have been encountered in the jewelry industry. Most of us are familiar with foil-backs,

Adhesives for Jewelry and Gemstone Bonding & Coating - Permabond

11 Oct 2015 Adhesives for jewelry and gemstone bonding and coating Commonly used adhesives for crystal / rhinestone bonding for jewelry. However, some of these semi-precious crystal jewelry items can be several hundred dollars and the loss of several stones or the discolouration of the adhesive attaching

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Azotic Introduces Mystopia? Topaz Process That is Capable of Producing a Broad Range of Beautiful Blue Gemstone Colors. (Read More) Azotic LLC is a leading provider of coating services for many products for the jewelry industry. In addition Check out the Aurora Crystals? page and let your creative side explode.

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