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TiAlSiN thin coatings are now investigated, analyzing if Si introduction increases the wear resistance of PVD films. Electron Microscopy (SEM) provided with Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Electron Probe Micro-Analyzer (EPMA), Micro Hardness (MH) and Scratch Test Analysis.

Ionbond: PVD, PACVD, CVD and CVA coating technology for tools

Ionbond provides thin-film coating services and equipment and operates 39 coating centers in 18 countries. Its coatings are used to improve durability, quality , functionality, efficiency and aesthetics of tools and components. Ionbond is part of the business unit of the IHI Group as well as IHI VTN for Heat treatment, Hauzer

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Reactive multilayer systems (RMS) can deliver heat energy precisely and reproducibly to the contact zone. RMSs consist of The IWS developed amorphous carbon coatings ( Diamor) are extremely wear resistant and have friction reducing properties. Business unit brochure - PVD and nanotechnology [ PDF 0.21 MB ]

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Results 1 - 25 of 29 Custom Manufacturer*, Manufacturer Manufacturer of high temperature ceramic coatings for abrasion resistant thermal protection. Ideal for energy savings & refractory protection. Applications include protecting metals & graphite which are exposed to molten metals, preventing erosion, oxidation & fatigue

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cesses of good throwing power, while PVD processes have higher deposition rates than those in CVD processes. Physical Vapor Deposition. Since it was introduced to the medical device industry in the late 1980s, PVD has become widely used to deposit wear-resistant thin-?lm coatings on a variety of medical devices,

Extremely durable biofouling-resistant metallic surfaces based on

20 Oct 2015 Extremely durable biofouling-resistant metallic surfaces based on electrodeposited nanoporous tungstite films on steel. Alexander .. Such impinging energy densities are three orders of magnitude higher than the highest reported values for the most durable, abrasion-resistant superhydrophobic coatings.

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