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2 Jun 2016 New vacuum coating technologies for metal strips and foils. Christoph METZNER . Jens-Peter 2 Vacuum in-line pre-treatment by hollow cathode sputter etching. 3 Substrate cooling in vacuum Demands for new processes: - High-rate deposition but with excellent layer properties -> plasma assistance.

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Metal films may be used as "blanket" metallizations or can be formed into discrete conductor lines ("stripes") by masking the substrate during deposition or by Insulating layers of SiO2, silicon nitride (Si2N3), and glass are deposited by PECVD for encapsulation and insulation layers in semiconductor processing.

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film deposition technology for these applications. SINGULUS . Ag, NiV, Cu, Al etc. > Single end and double end version selectable glass or metal. The new DECOLINE II inline coating system is the next development level in vacuum coating and product handling: > Brilliant layers on 3-dimensional parts. > Individual

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Solutions for web coating. Roll-to-roll metalizing and high-vacuum sputter coating . – Food packaging. – Holographic security labels. – AC/DC film capacitors. – Flexible 2007 development of SuperBias with double-side plasma post- treatment. 2013 Launch of new product MeTA-M (today LeyBOLd OpTIcS pAK +),.

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Material (glass, metal, silicon, polymer films, textiles …) Most PVD-coating processes need an adequate pre-treatment to achieve good adhesion and excellent layer properties. With magnetron sputtering, a magnetic field- enhanced plasma discharge is generated in a medium vacuum and a defined gas atmosphere.

Soap-film coating: High-speed deposition of multilayer nanofilms

18 Mar 2013 Some coating techniques may deposit films at high speed; for example, ordinary printing paper is coated with micrometre-thick layers of clay at a speed of tens of meters per second. However, to coat nanometre thin films at high speed, vacuum techniques are typically required, which increases the

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developed some new PVD processes and layer stacks. The new process technologies and available equipment's are depicted. Finally the paper gives an overview about new trends and developments in large area PVD coating of steel strips. KEYWORDS. PVD, vacuum coating, evaporation, plasma activated high rate

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A summary of the history of Industrial Thin Film Coating Technology by Dorothy Hoffman, reproduced below; it contains: Paper on Thin Metal Films as fuses Many new ideas will in the long term surely help to control the main problem of industrial application of thin films: the need for better reproduction of film properties.

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shown that optical transmission properties of continuous ultra-thin films can be accounted for non-abrupt transition zone between the metal and the surrounding dielectrics, which extends through several lattice .. double-layer fit starts to drop once the film becomes continuous and for thicker films (>12 nm), XRR spectra

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thick Li layers onto foil and films. Vacuum deposition of lithium. A pilot Li coater, operating successfully in. Sidrabe R&D department, is used for new process development and production of sample materials under the orders of various customers from all over the world. High quality lithium coatings 1…20 μm thick.

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Sometimes a thin film coating consists of only one layer deposited upon a suitable sub- ' Thin metal films have been used as beam splitters for many years, but they are inefficient because the metal absorbs part of the light. More recently, multilayer .. Similarly, the design of the double-layer coating shown in Figure 20.

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2.2.2 New Crucibles & Improved Temperature Calculations . . . . . 15 . Today's society overlooks the importance of vacuum coatings in products they use. determining a film's quality. Uniformity is an issue that was not addressed during the development of the BYU-Idaho deposition system. Getting the system to function

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application, too. Kobe Steel developed and launched the sales of a unique R2R sputtering system, type W35-S, for functional films having a substrate width of 350 -700 mm.1). This R2R sputtering system has a vacuum chamber with a unique structure, making the system compact while facilitating easy access to its coating.

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The SCH Series are horizontal in-line sputtering systems for deposition of transparent conductive films and other metal films. They can be used to depositi films such as back conatct and barrier layers in solar cell production lines. Multi Chamber Type Equipment ENTRON N300 · entron-n300. ENTRON N300 is the cluster

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15 Sep 2016 layers that improve the performance or enhance the properties of the glazing unit ). Such windows Thin films of functional metal oxides may also be used to produce coatings of self-cleaning or pollution .. ed by vacuum sputtering, such as in the Yaohua ITO coated glass production line [78] gure 6.

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Multi-film roll transferring (MRT) process using highly conductive

20 May 2014 Here we demonstrate a multi-layer roll transferring (MRT) method as an alternative to the direct printing of metal inks. of the device fabricated by the multi-film roll transfer technique were comparable to the performances of those made by traditional spin-coating and vacuum metal deposition processes.

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Metal film properties are sensitive not only to their structures but also to many other parameters, including and contaminants, deposition of thin films using PVD relies on ultra-high vacuum systems, i.e. base vacuum The target size diameter is 2 in. and the system reaches thickness uniformity of. 2.5 % over 4 in. diameter

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