Controlled Atmosphere Plasma Spray Systems ? Oerlikon Metco

Our portfolio of controlled atmosphere plasma spray systems is comprised of: Vacuum Plasma Spray (VPS); Low Vacuum (LVPS) / Low Pressure (LPPS) Plasma Spray; Low Pressure Plasma Spray-Hybrid (LPPS-Hybrid). The presence of oxygen can undesirably affect coating characteristics. Spraying materials in a

Metal jewelry vacuum coating machine - Dongguan Huicheng

Metal jewelry vacuum coating machine integrate DC magnetron sputtering, MF sputtering and arc ion evaporation technology, combined with linear ionization and unbalanced magnetron systems, we have developed a computer automatic control system to make good density of the coating adhesion as well as complex,

Kolzer Vacuum Coating Equipment

VACUUM COATING MACHINE MANUFACTURER Plasma PECVD. Entdecken Sie unsere Produkte; Fordern Sie eine kostenlose Beratung. pvd metallizzazione. Sputtering, Metallisierung, Plasma PECVD: Kolzer ist ein führender Hersteller von kundenspezifischen fortgeschrittenen Vakuumbeschichtungsanlagen.

Sputter systems, sputtering targets and vacuum process equipment

From FHR you can buy vacuum coating equipment and sputtering targets. FHR Anlagenbau is a manufacturer and supplier of magnetron sputtering systems as well as thin film equipment with integrated PVD, PECVD and ALD technologies. FHR delivers also vacuum process equipment for etching (ISE, PE, RIE), annealing

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