Precision Temperature Controlled Hi-Vacuum Thermal Evaporating

GSL-1700X-SPC-2 is a compact thermal evaporating coater with precision and programmable temperature control, which is suitable for coating most of metallic and organic materials film up to 2" size from 200 oC to 1500 oC (or 1200 oC - 1700 oC with optional B type thermocouple). A rotatable sample holder is built in to

GSL-1700X-SPC-2 -- Precision Temperature Controlled Hi-Vacuum

7 Apr 2016 GSL-1700X-SPC-2 is a compact thermal evaporating coater with precision and programmable temperature control, which is suitable for coating most of metallic a

Orion 1000 - Mustang Vacuum Systems

Active web steering and precision temperature controlled drum enable high precision films for the most difficult processes including mult layer films. Rotatable or Planar Magnetron Sputter Cathodes; Standard Power Options– RF, Pulsed DC, DC, AC and HIPIMS; PECVD, Ion Source; Thermal evaporation, e- beam,

Desk Sputter Coater - Nanostructured coatings co

Versatile Desktop Coater, desk magnetron sputter coater,thermal source material ,bias voltages,quartz crystal,touch screen,thin film,magnetron cathode,thermal evaporation,sample preparation,clean vacuum,glad sputtering,solar cell, substrate heater,thermal deposition,magnetic thin film,high current power supply, mass flow

Process Equipment - Micro Magnetics is a leader in commercial

NanoTorr High Vacuum Sputtering Deposition System The NanoTorr Series is a high vacuum magnetron sputtering system that allows multiple materials to be sputtered on several substrates at one passing. The NanoTorr Series is a highly customizable, flexible and efficient tool for thin film coating applications. Standard

China Compact High Vacuum Carbon & Metal Evaporation Coater

China Compact High Vacuum Carbon & Metal Evaporation Coater, Find details about China Thermal Evaporation Coater, Thermal Evaporator System from Compact High Vacuum Carbon & Metal Evaporation Coater - Zhengzhou CY Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

Univex - Systems for experimental vacuum coating - Leybold

The Univex multi-purpose experimentation systems were developed by Leybold for applications in research and development, as well as for setting up pilot production systems.

Vacuum coating and evaporation materials - Agar Scientific

8 - Vacuum coating and evaporation materials. Basic coating. High vacuum carbon coating and metal evaporation. For carbon coating of mounted, polished samples for microprobe analysis and back-scatter source, with unique current feedback control, gives highly reproducible carbon coatings for SEM samples.

Thermal Evap & Cathodic Arc Power Controls | Spang Power

In a high vacuum chamber, an element electrically heats a source material until it vaporizes; typically on a resistive filament, within a dimpled boat, or in a crucible basket. The vacuum allows the vapor a free path to condense on the target object creating a thin protective or decorative coating. Precise control of the power

Mantis Deposition Systems: Product Detail

The ORganic MAterials evaporator (ORMA) is a low temperature evaporation source for deposition of organic materials in high and ultra-high vacuum environments. The purpose of ORMA is to The ORMA design ensures precise and reproducible temperature control, which is essential for organic material evaporation.

Turbo-Pumped Sputter and Carbon Coater

EMS 150T Turbo-Pumped Sputter Coater/Carbon Coater; EMS 150T during sputtering; EMS 150T touch screen control; Carbon evaporation insert High vacuum carbon coating – ideal for SEM and TEM carbon coating; Controlled ramped carbon rod evaporation – precise control and superior carbon films; Pulsed or

deposition techniques

24 Nov 2015 Organic materials. COATING. PATTERNING. ? Drop casting. ? Spin coating. ? Doctor Blade. ? Dip coating. ? Langmuir-Blodgett. ? Spray coating. ? Screen printing. ? Soft Lithography. ? NIL/Embossing. ? Physical Delamination. ? Photopatterning. ? Printing. ? Compression molding. ? Vacuum Thermal Evaporation.

E-beam Evaporation Systems – Denton Vacuum

E-beam (electron beam) evaporation is a thermal evaporation process, and, along with with sputtering, is one of the two most common types of physical vapor optical monitoring and control hardware and software can be fully integrated into a system to allow for automated process control for critical optical coating

Understanding Thin Film Process TechnologiesREO Inc.

Traditional electron-beam and thermal evaporation are the most widely employed methods for producing thin films because of their simplicity and relatively low cost Here, a coating material is heated either resistively (for metals) or through electron beam bombardment (for dielectrics) within a high vacuum chamber until it

coating and vacuum systems - sputter, thermal, OLED, e-beam

thermal evaporation :: OLED (organics) :: e-beam :: vacuum ovens and furnaces :: specials. MiniLab - compact multi technique box coating concept. MiniLab is a compact "cost effective" multi Depending on the demands, the user will be able to fully control the temperature of the substrates; both heating or cooling. Sample

Zinc and Magnesium Vapor Generators in a Steel Strip Coating

vapors in vacuum allowed to create high-capacity devices for thermal evaporation of zinc and magnesium. Experiments in the crucible at corresponding temperature and pressure. Then the loaded material is melted and brought up to the evapo- ration temperature. In the diagram, line AA' corresponds to the triple point.

Solutions for web coating. - Bühler

Solutions for web coating. Roll-to-roll metalizing and high-vacuum sputter coating . – Food packaging. – Holographic security labels. – AC/DC film capacitors . on thermal evaporation. Aluminum, copper and zinc-sulfide are the most commonly used coating materials. Customer benefits: 100 % in-situ quality control due to

Centrifugal Thin-film Evaporators CEH Series | ULVAC | Products

Permitting distillation of highly heat-senstive material (thermally decomposing / polymerizing substances)under vacuum at a low temperature and within a short time. Centrifugal force created by a rotor rotating at high speed on the evaporation surface creates thin, uniform evaporation films. Processing can be performed

Nano-structured Vacuum Sputter Coating Equipment OEM

OEM Manufacturer of Nano-structured Vacuum Sputter Coating Equipment offered by Nano Science & Technology Company, New Delhi, Delhi.

Coatings - Surface Optics Corporation

s specialized coating systems use two different processes, vacuum deposition and pigmented paints with controlled pigment/binder constituents. metal mirrors, low emittance thermal shields, lenses, bandpass filters, graphite antenna coatings, and high temperature coatings for composite structures and dielectric mirrors.

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