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12 Nov 1996 The method further provides for allowing the coating to cure a temperature in the range of 270° F.-350° F. for a time period in the range of 2 minutes to 50 minutes. The method is preferably used to electro-deposit the coating on stainless steel, aluminum, chrome or silver plated instruments with the method

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The revolutionary FARBTEK system colorizes & ID marks stainless steel surgical instruments for easy identification. Many options. Safe, bio compatible.

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The FARBTEK? anodized steel colors' system, available exclusively from Medical Optics, is yet another breakthrough instrument color-coding method preferred over passé powder-coating techniques. Our stainless steel anodizing method is permanent and safe. When your instruments are colorized, it can literally save you

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Hospital needs to color code surgical instruments. We currently send our instruments (stainless steel)out to be color coded.The present service dips them in a plastic compound of some type. After a A. I have good experience with teflon colour coating on titanium for this application. It resist perfectly the temperature and

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1 Oct 2000 According to Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, passivation means "to make inactive or less reactive." In the case of stainless steel used in surgical instruments, the description "less reactive" is more appropriate. Stainless steel is indeed reactive, meaning that it will corrode and become stained

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A further aspect of making steel "stainless" is a repeated process of extracting surface impurities, mainly minerals. And the final high polish of the finished instrument puts a minute protective coating on it, also very important to make the instrument "stain less". Whether the final product is highly polished or mat finished will

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Since it was introduced to the medical device industry in the late 1980s, physical vapor deposition (PVD) has become widely used to deposit wear-resistant thin- film coatings on a variety of medical devices, including orthopedic implants, pacemakers, surgical instruments, orthodontic appliances and dental instruments .

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Color coding microsurgical instruments make it easy to identify tools. Instrument color coding from Roboz Surgical provides permanent identification by adding a heat-fused coating to any surgical instrument. The coating survives wear and impact damage, is impervious to acids and caustics, and can withstand repeated

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sterilizing agent from making complete contact with the surface of the instruments . Additionally, cleaning allows for the .. tray, eg, stainless steel instruments should not be placed with aluminum, copper or brass .. Due to the technical nature of using a dipping or color coating process for the identification of instruments

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Bluish-Blackish Stains. Metallic Coating or Platting. Metals of different types have been sterilized together e.g; stainless steel with Silver / Chrome / etc. Sterilize only the similar metal instruments together. Light or Dark Spots. Metal Deposits. In flushing water or steam there are iron, copper, manganese etc: are present

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12 Jan 2017 Given that, quality medical stainless steel alloy is of a very specific, narrowly defined mix. A further aspect of making steel "stainless" is a repeated process of extracting surface impurities, mainly minerals. And the final high polish of the finished instrument puts a minute protective coating on it, also very

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Titanium surgical instruments offer several advantages over stainless steel instruments. Titanium is lightweight with a properties of the metal. Titanium surgical instruments can come in a rainbow of colors, but they are typically blue. The anodizing also makes the surgical instruments non-reflective so that there is no glare.

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No returns are accepted after 60 days. Custom-made, color-coded, etched, and specially-sourced instruments are non-returnable. Instruments that have been sterilized are also non-returnable. Return to Top. Question: What is your product warranty? Answer: Spectrum's German Stainless Steel Instruments carry a lifetime

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Roboz offers many products to help you protect and extend the life of your instruments including our Germinator 500 glass bead sterilizer, our stainless steel sterilizing trays, and our instrument pouches. This page The result of this investment is a safe product that Roboz Surgical is proud to make available to its customers.

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Never expose stainless steel instruments to products that are not specifically formulated for use with dental instruments or for the purpose of cleaning and sterilizing dental instruments. Do not expose stainless steel dental instruments to the following chemicals. These chemicals will cause an adverse reaction and may

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Benefits of Using PVD Coatings: Edge retention - surgical instruments stay sharp. Reduced galling - stainless steel parts don't interact with one another. Wear resistance. Aesthetics - differentiate your product from the competition. Common colors used are dark gold (TiN), silver-gold (Alpha? or ZrN), and black (AlTiN, also


3 Jun 2015 Although some surgical instruments are made of titanium, cobalt-based alloy ( Vitallium), or other metals, the vast majority are made of stainless steel. The alloys used must have specific material ( physical and chemical) properties to make them resistant to corrosion, when exposed to blood and body fluids,

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